A Civil Engineer Astray

How did I become a Co-founder of SKAARHOJ? I sometimes ask myself that question, without being able to have a clear answer. It was not the obvious choice in a career path heading for tempered glass, reinforced concrete and steel structures. But my attention where drawn to open source hardware. All I know: I'm in a very free, exciting and challenging part of my life.

A passion for photography

I’ve taken pictures for many years both in a professional capacity and as a hobby. I guess the passion originates from both my mom and dad with each of them contributing to different levels of photography. My dad with the technical aspects of gear (he developed his own pictures when that was a thing), and my mom with a unique ability to capture the mood of a moment. My passion really took off when i bought a Canon PowerShot A100 with a whooping 1.2 MP.  As a young boy I recall standing in queue at the shop with my dad (it was a special offer) running in grabbing the box - I must have taken thousands and thousands of pictures with that camera. I still remember the menu-system of the camera by heart. 


I was hooked to the world of digital (and analog) media production spanning from photography, graphic design, website creation, stage light technician, sound engineer at plays to video production. Today the focus is much narrower. I sometimes still take on photo tasks. My specialty being covering conferences and meeting activities usually within the field of emergency medical services - often held at the national parliament.

Entering a world of video and hardware production

My passion for video production accelerated when i got a study work (while studying civil engineering at the Technical University of Denmark) in the video department. One major factor were decisive in me pursuing this field of work. And that was meeting Kasper.

At first when SKAARHOJ was Kaspers personal company i helped out with various stuff, but as time passed i got more and more involved. In december 2013 we relaunced SKAARHOJ as a 3 person company while i was finishing my thesis at DTU. That is a long story short, but on the other hand the story is being written right now.