Shhh... !

I don't watch much TV. I log into Facebook every second month. Never read tweets. But I get my doze of noise and distractions too, somehow. Through my projects, my stressful aspirations, because of what I think I can do in those 5 seconds that become hours. I'm deep in most of the time. I have realized that much.

Prepare to meet your maker

We have more than enough noise around us, more than you just might realize before you seek silence. This is my yearly experience when I enjoy a weekend of silence and reflection at a monastery and that soon brings me to a place where I can clearly discern what my deepest dreams for this life is. I wish for you to have that same experience. In my case - as a personal christian - I see how much I'm looking forward to the restoration of all things as the Bible promises and until then, that I want to live a meaningful life, which in my case is one of contribution and sharing my talent - a basic value for me in the SKAARHOJ business. This is what I have had in my heart for all these years and I can proudly witness to the wonders of the open source movement for instance. So, at the core of my values lies to live a life in contribution and service to others. Sometimes this gets overshadowed. Sometimes it looks like an illusion. Sometimes you just can't keep going. But I insist that it is better to give than to receive (Acts 20:35) and at the end of the day it matters more than the sum of material belongings.

So, turn off your TV, embrace yourself with silence and listen. It won't kill you but you might find life on a whole new level.

I am making everything new!

Jesus, Rev. 21.5

Prepare to meet the Skårhøjs

I live in Vanløse, suburb to Copenhagen, with my wife, Rie, and 3 kids, Amelie, Noomi and Tristan. My hobbies? Check out this website...


A world class enterprise Web Content Management System. My baby, now taken good care of by a wonderful community of open software enthusiasts.

TYPO3 is 10 years of my work life and has in many ways defined me. It's been a fantastic ride, I have had very unique experiences and I'm very thankful that it was a project I managed to hand over to others so that it's still alive today. That makes sense.

There's a lot to say about TYPO3 and some of it is found in the forewords of multiple books on TYPO3 and probably someone has written a bit here and there about the history of TYPO3. If you want to go hunting more info on this cool open source project, the best place to start will be