NKK buttons are coming back shortly. Contact our sales team for next allocation !

Please notice due to COVID sourcing of NKK buttons have been delayed. Therefore controllers solely consisting of NKK buttons or controllers with NKK options are not available currently (unless we have it in stock). This includes:

  • Live Fly w/NKK buttons
  • Air Fly Pro (2019) w/NKK
  • Rack Fusion Live w/NKK
  • Rack Fusion Live w/NKK+JOY Options
  • Master Key One
  • Master Key 36
  • XC8
  • Mega Panels

Our passion is to make it easier for you to run your live productions! With our products you will feel the control at your fingertips. You can simplify. You can control multiple devices, even from different brands - all from the same surface. You will save precious rack space. You will have less wires, less boxes and more control. And you will be able to reconfigure and expand your controller every day, week, month and year to work with your new camera, new switcher, and new router. We honestly believe we make the best universal broadcast controllers on the planet and we would love to make your professional life easier with them.