It’s a one-man band

The C15 Remote offers a unique combination of ATEM and PTZ Camera control. You get traditional switching routines with the buttons, and the SmartSwitches combined with the joystick in a perfect and intelligent way to control pan-tilt-zoom cameras. It’s a one-man band production and everyone’s invited to the show.

This handy and very durable wired control remote put the power of control where it’s needed. Perfect for mounting on a tripod handle, with the mounting plate located on the backside – compatible with camera mounting systems for easy integration on tripod handles. Thanks to our revolutionary microprocessor design, we’ve been able to place the computer inside the body of the C15 Remote! You even get it with PoE, so you just need one cable to power and communicate with your broadcast gear.



Connections on the remote. Power the remote with PoE or a power supply. Both options will work!

Our in-house developed microprocessor platform, the SKAARDUINO, have an amazing small footprint and fits inside the body of the remote. Power over Ethernet (PoE) is included by default so you can either use the power supply or a PoE compatible switch/hub to power the remote - either way will work.

The thumb-friendly buttons makes it easy to operate the remote handheld, or you can attach it to a tripod handle bar by the mounting plate on the back.

C15 Remote Features

  • 6 Broadcast quality RGB 17.4 mm buttons
  • 2 SmartSwitch Buttons with built-in graphical displays
  • Joystick
  • Microprocessor included in the body of the remote
  • Mounting Plate (2x5mm holes and 1/4"-20 thread)
  • Compatible with many PTZ Camera Device Cores
  • PoE included

Physical Specifications

  • Enclosure Size 20 x 5 x 3 cm (without mounting plate)
  • Weight 0.340 kg

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