C20 Remote

The C20 is a multi-purpose remote with smart integration between buttons and displays. The clear and easy to read displays provides information about function for buttons or can be used to provide source labels. Mount the C20 Remote on a tripod, place it on a table or use it as a hand-held remote. The high quality finish feels great in the palms of your hands.

C20 Remote Features

  • 8 RGB buttons with OLED displays
  • Two encoders with OLED displays
  • Microprocessor included in the body of the remote
  • Mounting Plate (2x5mm holes and 1/4"-20 thread)
  • PoE included

Physical Specifications

  • Enclosure Size 13 x 11.5 x 24 cm (without mounting plate)
  • Weight 0.470 kg



Connections on the remote
Power the remote with PoE or a power supply. Both options will work!

The microprocessor in the C20 Remote have a tiny footprint and fits inside the body of the remote. The remote comes with Power over Ethernet (PoE) by default, so you can either use the power supply or a PoE compatible switch/hub to power the remote - either way will work.

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