ATEM Rack Controller

Get a dedicated hardware rack controller to operate your ATEM live production switcher. It will fit perfectly in your production rack and not take up much space! Turn on your gear and you'll be in control of your favorite ATEM switching routines at once.

The C90 MII is our rack solution for having a hardware control panel to operate and control your favorite broadcast gear. It will fit nicely in your rack, only take up 1U of space but provide control for ATEM Switchers. The C90 MII Rack Controller is the customizable grown up indie ATEM controller with a basic button array for bus input selection while user buttons deliver the specialties for your particular situation. It's designed to control an ATEM, but you can easily configure control of SmartScopes, VideoHubs and HyperDecks as well. Just add additinoal devices in the web interface, configure, save, reboot and you are in control.

(Images may display optional features. Please check with option list. Due to the milling process, minor surface inconsistencies may occur on the enclosure)

C90 MII Features

  • 15 broadcast quality 15 mm buttons
  • Slider
  • Display & Menu
  • PoE included
  • Option: GPI Module
  • UniSketch web interface for extensive configuration

Physical Specifications

  • Enclosure Size 1U High, Full rack width, 9 cm deep
  • Weight 0.875 kg
UniSketch Overview for C90 MII
Example of Configuration Settings
Example of Devices Settings in Web Interface

The web interface provide a graphical representation of the C90 MII. By pressing on any of the buttons, the slider, the Display & Menu or the GPI module (not shown in picture), the menu jump to the configuration for that particular control element.

To learn more about the GPI possibilities visit the ETH-GPI Link product page.

Display & Menu

The integrated encoder menu is a particular strong interface component on the C90 MII and it's very easy to configure. Among many options you can configure it to control AUX channels, you can select content from the media pool, and it will even display the filename of the available files! Or maybe you wanna set Transition Style and Transition Rate. Just add those parameters in the encoder menu configuration in the web interface, save, reboot and the menu have been configured. No need to install additional software.

Device Settings

The C90 MII Rack Controller runs UniSketch which allows you to configure the device for multiple hardware devices such as the ATEM Switcher, HyperDeck, SmartScopes, VideoHubs, AJA KUMO Routers, vMix and more. You can even configure the unit to control multiple hardware devices at the same time. The microprocessor (SKAARDUINO Due) inside the C90 MII controller allows connections to a maximum number of 8 devices. See the latest list of supported hardware devices at the UniSketch page. 

In the "Devices Settings" part of the web interface you check which device you want to enable/disable control for. For each device you enter the IP address.

GPI option. The controller will not have this module, if this option is not selected.

GPI Module

With the GPI option you get 2x8 channel I/O with the DB-25 connector. The DB-25 connector configuration is similar to the Blackmagic Design GPI & Tally Interface. Use the GPO to provide tally and the GPI to trigger a action with a foot pedal, a switch or something similar. The behaviour of the GPI can be fully controlled from the UniSketch web interface. The GPI module will not be fitted, if this option is not selected.

Visit the ETH-GPI Link product page to learn more about the possibilities the GPI module provides.

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