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Presenting the new and improved E21-TVS MII pocket controller. A hardware panel developed to be used with any of the ATEM live production switchers. It´s easy to use and operate yet packed with a sophisticated firmware that allows you to configure functionality. Use it for regular switching or break out any ATEM feature you would like such as AUX, IMAG and graphic control. GPI and PoE are now possible options without having to upgrade the enclosure size and we have improved the slider position. Most important of all: it now runs the amazing UniSketch.

The E21-TVS MII is developed with the smaller ATEM live production switchers in mind. The two bus selection rows are laid out with 6 buttons each, corresponding to the number of video input sources. There is a simple Cut and Auto button plus two "user buttons" you can dedicate to any particular function you wish. We even squeezed in a slider to allow custom transition flows, and in this new version we have improved the slider position to make it more flush with the panel surface. It's now even possible to get power over ethernet (PoE) and the DB-25 connector with 2x8 channel I/O in this low height enclosure. The form factor is sweet with all this functionality only taking up an inch in the height - and the price is unbeatable for this much functionality, flexibility and custom design in such a beautiful and sturdy enclosure. It's our vision of an entry level SKAARHOJ controller without cutting essential corners to get there. By default the units are destined to control ATEM switchers, but you can control anything else we support with our list of protocol implementations.

(Images may display optional features. Please check with option list. Due to the milling process, minor surface inconsistencies may occur on the enclosure)

E21-TVS MII Features

  • 16 red, green or ambient broadcast quality 12 mm buttons
  • Slider
  • Option: GPIO
  • Option: PoE
  • UniSketch web interface for extensive configuration

Physical Specifications

  • Enclosure Size 12.7 x 8 x 2.9 cm
  • Weight 0.290 kg
Web Interface for E21-TVS w. GPIO option.
Example of button configuration.
An excerpt of the list of ATEM switcher related actions.

The E21-TVS MII inherits all the same features as the original E21-TVS but it's upgraded in a number of ways. First of all it's now possible to have the GPIO and PoE option without having to upgrade the enclosure size, as it was known from the E21-TVSL models. Furthermore the E21-TVS MII now runs UniSketch OS which is a insanely cool system that offers a easy way to "program" the device without having to do any coding. The programming is simply done by a number of drop-down menus where you select the functionality for each button. It's even possible to assign multiple functions for each button, and it's quick and easy to assign "SHIFT" keys, where the buttons functionality can be dependent whether or not you are holding down a shift key.

GPIO option. The controller will not have this module, if this option is not selected.


With the GPIO option you get 2x8 channel I/O with the DB-25 connector. The DB-25 connector configuration is similar to the Blackmagic Design GPI & Tally Interface. Use the GPO to provide tally and the GPI to trigger a action with a foot pedal, a switch or something similar. The behaviour of the GPIO can be fully controlled from UniSketch OS. The GPIO module will not be fitted, if this option is not selected.


With the Power over Ethernet option you can communicate and power the E21-TVS MII with a single cable (PoE compatible switch/hub required).

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