ATEM Mini Extreme Sidekick - Direct Control of all the features!

The ATEM Mini extreme and ATEM mini Extreme ISO are both pretty amazing devices, but they do have some limitations. SKAARHOJ's Xpoint 24 or Quick Pad can be used to perfectly sit beside the ATEM and ease these limitations by giving you tactile control of everything that is missing on the ATEM Mini Extreme or ATEM mini Extreme ISO.

In this youtube video, Kasper has made default configurations for the Xpoint 24 and the QuickPad.
The SKAARHOJ panels allow you to directly control both outputs, have direct access to more macroes, and control all 4 keyers.
You can even make automatic transitions with the keyers, do preset recall of the Birddog P200, control computers with KeyBridge, and much more...

Please watch the video below for more info about these features.