ATEM TCP-LINK - Getting started

Getting started

The ATEM-TCP Link ships with the following IP settings

  • ATEM-TCP Link IP:
  • Subnet:
  • Gateway:
  • ATEM IP:

These settings can be confirmed and changed by the use of our Firmware Updater Application via the commands listed below. Do not use any features from the Firmware Updater besides the Serial Monitor. Pressing "Check for updates" will render the firmware on the ATEM-TCP Link unusable.

Commands to/from the ATEM-TCP Link are not done from the Serial Monitor but by establishing a telnet connection to the device. Please see the section "Establishing telnet connection" on this page.

Notice the Serial Monitor confirms when connection to the ATEM have been established.


Changing device IP address
In order to change the device IP address you type the following in the serial monitor

  • ip=A.B.C.D

Changing ATEM IP address
In order to change the ATEM IP address you type the following in the serial monitor

  • atem=A.B.C.D

Changing Gateway and Subnet
The same procedure as above can be followed for changing Gateway and Subnet

  • subnet=A.B.C.D
  • gateway=A.B.C.D
Establishing telnet connection

In order to establish a Telnet connection use the port 8899 and the IP address of the ATEM-TCP Link

  • telnet 8899

Check the connection by making a CUT or similar action on the ATEM in order to verify you receive state changes.

On the ATEM-TCP Link Auto negotiation is turned off and default interface is set to 100 mbit full duplex.



Establish connection


Check connection

With the command

  • dumpState

The ATEM-TCP Link will dump the current state of the ATEM Switcher. Useful for getting the state of the ATEM when establishing connection for the first time.

ATEM protocol documentation

The screenshots and documentation below are taken from our general ATEM protocol documentation, which can be found on It should provide some hints with regard to parameter values and such.