A Look at Device Cores: The Brains Behind Our Controllers

Device cores are the brains behind Skaarhoj controllers. We currently control 111 PTZ cameras, and with many more on the way, there are a lot to sort through. Each core contains all the necessary information needed to control your supported devices through Reactor software. These make it simple to connect to existing devices, but also have the flexibility to add more functionality down the road. As your production expands and changes, so can the brains behind the operation.

Most often cores will be packaged under a specific brand, like Panasonic or ARRI. Whether it’s a PTZ camera, video switcher, router, or something else there are device cores categorized for those specific devices.

Stages of Device Cores

Before getting into some details, it’s important to note the maturity stages listed and what they mean. Each device core has its own stage of development, with the eventual goal to have it in the Mature stage within a few months after initial release.

It should be noted that some of the stage names have been changed, and are noted further in the article. As cores are released they are given the new naming convention. Cores that have not had a release since June 2022 still have the old names, such as Sandbox.

Concept (previous Sandbox): The earliest stage of development. These cores are not supported and may not even be released on Reactor.

Beta (previous Alpha): The core is considered PreRelease and, while it may connect without any issues, it is not officially supported. No official configurations exist yet though some features may have been tested by developers.

Released (previous Beta): When a core is finally in stable release that means it has been properly QC tested, and R&D has implemented everything needed. At least one configuration exists and the code has been proofed properly.

Mature: A mature core was marked Released at least 4 months ago while also receiving no major feedback that would cause a rework.

Devices Supported By Blue Pill

Now onto which devices and brands work with and are supported on SKAARHOJ controllers. For the sake of length we aren’t going to mention every brand core or configuration available. Getting through 111 would be quite the task.

First we’ll talk about the released Panasonic Studio Camera core. Although there are also configurations for Panasonic PTZ and Lumix in various stages of development. Within each core tab you’ll find default configurations, parameter lists, and supported models. One important thing to understand is how configuration classes work.

A faster configuration means less time setting up your device and more time to focus on production. Reactor within Blue Pill will suggest default configuration classes to best match your set up. With all device cores in Reactor supporting this format you can easily combine different devices on a panel, without having to worry about assigning individual actions for these different devices to your controller. Thus saving you time. And don’t worry. You can still change any of the settings as you see fit.

Overall device cores are there to make your life easier. Choose as many as you need to get your production ready as soon as possible. Their intuitive setup will reduce time spent configuring and connecting devices.

To preview all the existing device cores visit devices.skaarhoj.com for a current list.

Blue Pill Device
Blue Pill is device that gives access to all the Reactor software including 111, and counting, device cores.
Air Fly Pro Top View
One of our popular controllers the Air Fly Pro with Blue Pill inside the device.
Device Core Image
A preview of the Panasonic Device Core page and the camera supported.