NETIO Power Sockets

What to expect

The most fundamental function is to toggle a power socket output on and off. You can do that with a button press typically, but any hardware component on a SKAARHOJ panel can be assigned the functionality too, such as an encoder. 

The displays on SKAARHOJ panels are useful to monitor the output consumption of the power sockets on models where this information is available.
Control of NETIO products are assumed to be added to existing configurations, so most often you will want to add a toggle button for a socket to a controller in a particular menu. A few default configurations exists as well for more generic use.

Technical Note
The NETIO device core shall run on a Blue Pill with Reactor as the driving platform. Via Reactor, functions to manipulate the power sockets or monitor the state of the power distribution units can be mapped onto the controllers along with other types of control, typically for broadcast equipment.

SKAARHOJ controllers supported
Any SKAARHOJ controller will work, but will typically require a slight amount of custom configuration to integrate the power socket control in the context of a different main configuration.
A default configuration exists for Rack Fly Uno (as seen on the demo video)

Blue Pill and Reactor

Blue Pill is a SKAARHOJ platform that boosts the capacity and capability of SKAARHOJ UniSketch controllers. Reactor is our flagship panel management application running on Blue Pill or Blue Pill Inside powered controllers.

Check out =>Blue Pill