Panasonic PTZ Integration for High Precision Control

Learn how to integrate these presets and functional roles into your workflow with Panasonic cameras.

Reduce complex routines for operators. Even for those with no experience in running a live production. Even with experience, it always helps to make your production as easy to run as possible. This is true whether you operate 3 cameras or add more as production increases.

Automatically capture thumbnails from cameras in operation. Don’t guess about what you’ll see with options to set multiple presets per button.

Works with SKAARHOJ MKA1 and MKA2 Controllers. Essentially double your available presets when the two controllers sit side by side. Increase your functionality when needed or remove a controller for a more simplified setups.

We’ll also talk about the high precision, hall effect joystick and secret gateway for those engineers that want to get their settings just right.