Remote production and much more - Webinars Season 1 (2020)

Deeper into PTZ Control With SEERVISION ASIA Version US Version

Jun 30 - Webinar 15 -

With Seervision, automation never looked better! The AI-assisted software for autonomous camera operation is designed to make live video production effortless. Powered by computer vision and machine learning, the Seervision Suite enables your existing cameras to track and keep the subject in optimal framing autonomously. To operate the system, Seervision has developed a web-based UI, which is compatible with SKAARHOJ's PTZ Extreme.

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Slowmotion control

Jun 23 - Webinar 14 -

Join us at another exciting webinar, where DreamChip and SKAARHOJ will explore exciting possibilities for slowmotion in broadcasting.

Christian Kuehn, Product Manager at Dream Chip, joins us for this webinar to demo ATOM small form factor cameras ,which are controlled by SKAARHOJ's RCP.
ATOM devices, with HD and 4K, POV and waterproof cameras, can be installed everywhere, in venues, in stadiums, on a race car... From a cricket field to an e-sport event, these cameras will keep the audience in the game.

Let's have a look at the super slow motion using SKAARHOJ's XC8 to control the video replay. 

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Frameshot and Megapanel 

Jun 16 - Webinar 13 -

Frame Shot is the most sexy and powerful shot box controller you have ever seen - and touched! It brings you the best of tactile control with four-way buttons and the information rich possibilities of a color screen. Displays are larger and with far better viewing angle than related products and of course the four-way buttons is in a class of their own with unrivaled flexibility.

In the webinar we will also come back to the final design of the ATEM Constellation Mega Panel we designed together as a community in Webinar #4 back in April. Even this panel has seen the fairy dust from the Frame Shot series bestowed upon it.

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Gang control of AJA Framesync

Jun 09 - Webinars 12 -

AJAs Tim Bryce and Tim Walker joins the SKAARHOJ webinars, for a talk about AJA products and how SKAARHOJ products offers easy control over multiple Frame Syncs. See the Rack Control Duo in action controlling a bunch of AJA Frame Syncs and learn how to get master control of cameras that don’t traditionally offer shading, or get all your sources fine-tuned to perfection. 

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ATEM Mini Pro over VPN 

Jun 02 - Webinar 11 -

You'll learn how PepLink routers helped a network newbie like Kasper to remote control an Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Pro with three PTZ cameras, a SKAARHOJ Tally System, Recording and Streaming to YouTube and an NDI feed with Multiviewer - essentially a remote production from my kitchen table with a SKAARHOJ Controller.

We will also enjoy the company of VPN experts from Slingshot6, a connectivity agency who will be your friendly help when you should leave it over to pros.

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Remote production /w INTINOR

May 26 - Webinar 10 -

INTINOR joins SKAARHOJ for a webinar about remote production.
Learn how you can save money and time by cutting down on travel, by setting up a remote production workflow.
There are many benefits to a remote workflow, and in these times, it is an essential tool.

The presentation itself is a remote production between Denmark and Sweden, so you will get a first hand demonstration on how to use the excellent tools that SKAARHOJ and INTINOR provides in this field.

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One Man Band & TSL

May 19 - Webinar 9 -

TSL is a standard for sending tally signals and under-monitor labels around on the network. We will show how SKAARHOJ controllers can use TSL v5.0 and v3.1 messages to light up a tally lamp, to place a label on an RCP, to bridge TSL messages with GPI inputs and outputs - and how to enable TSL support for Blackmagic Design ATEM switchers using SKAARHOJs amazing tools.

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Which PTZ Controller is right for you?

May 12 - Webinar 8 -

So, you have been looking at the PTZ Wiz, PTZ Fly, PTZ Pro and PTZ Extreme!
Which should you get? Which controller will work best for you?

Are you wondering if your PTZ camera will work better with one?
Are you looking for an out of the box configuration for you device?

Kasper will walk through features available on all controllers, go over the different use cases that each formfactor was created for, and give you valuable tips and trick for PTZ operation.

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Tally, Audio & Routing

May 05 - Webinar 7 -

In this webinar we will cover the essentials of getting tally lights working for basically any vision mixing system like Blackmagic Design ATEM, NewTek Tricaster, vMix, Roland, LiveStream Studio, Panasonic, or even TSL signals (new).

SKAARHOJ also specializes in interfacing with audio parameters wherever they are sneaked into video equipment - so lets look at how WaveBoard and even Color Fly can help you out there!

And finally, lets take a good, deep look at the superior rack unit series Rack Fly Uno, Duo and Trio as well as the brand new Rack Fusion II - how useful they turn out to be for operating video routers like AJA KUMO and Blackmagic Design VideoHub with features like salvos, presets, locking - and lets see how we can turn a video router into a simple Program/Preview switcher - with Tally Lamps!

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Link OI & Routing

Apr 28 - Webinar 6 -

As the dust settles from the immediate world wide rush to live streaming, it's more important than ever to be left with user friendly, integrated control solutions, ranging from a simple flip switch on the wall to a two-in-one Rack Fusion Live controller from SKAARHOJ.

SKAARHOJ produces a number of auxiliary products called Link IO which is the glue between a controller and for example a camera or a basic electrical system. The most versatile and popular product in this category is ETH-GPI Link, which deserves some exploration.

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Camera Control Panels

Apr 21 - Webinar 5 -

In this webinar we will look at SKAARHOJ camera control panels, such as the RCP and new, updated Color Fly! See how to shade Blackmagic Design cameras, JVC cameras, Panasonic PTZ cameras and AJA Frame Synchronizers.

SKAARHOJ controllers will shade many cameras from the most popular brands in the broadcast world, including any kind of camera like studio cameras, ENG cameras, PTZ cameras, POV cameras and even color processor engines. 

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Designing a Panel! 

Apr 14 - Webinar 4 -

In the wake of our YouTube video with the custom built mega panel we have had multiple requests for designing a similar solution specifically for Blackmagic Designs ATEM Constellation 8K switcher. We will design that together in our webinar

We will aim to design modules that can be pieced together into a 1M/E, 2M/E, 3M/E or 4M/E switcher console. We will use existing SKAARHOJ technologies all the way - which means it will eventually not be specific to a Blackmagic Design switcher but actually usable with any switcher system supported by UniSketch.

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Vision Mixing!

Apr 07 - Webinar 3 -

Vision mixing with a touch screen or a mouse is like putting a blind man behind a steering wheel. You need to keep your eyes on the content, not your control panel! SKAARHOJ designs the worlds most comprehensive line-up of vision mixing controllers for critical tactile control of your live stream!

We improve your workflows with the most popular vision mixing products such as ATEM Switcher from BlackMagic Design, vMix, NewTek TriCaster, Roland switchers and now also LiveStream Studio from Vimeo!

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PTZ Control!

Mar 31 - Webinar 2 -

SKAARHOJ designs the worlds most flexible and advanced PTZ controllers. Choose any camera brand, label your presets on OLED displays, integrate tally from your vision mixer, adjust any parameter, record moves with PTZ Trace and take your hands of the wheel with Cruise Control. And... do it all alone now!

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Mar 24 - Webinar 1 -

Quick Pad is the first new product we launched this spring - there are more to come, and in the webinars we will get through all of them and their most typical applications. 

We will look at powerful Quick Pad configurations and will also teach you the depths of UniSketch found on any SKAARHOJ controller.

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