Set up Tally Box System

Configuration how to set it up

Tally Box

The SKAARHOJ Tally Box supports a total of 8 tally lights and offers both program + preview tally. You connect it to your network and the lights to the 8 outputs. You can either connect them one by one or in a daisy chain configuration by a maximum of 3 in a row.

The order of the daisy chain is determined by which output you choose (numbers listed on the box). In the default-shipping configuration it will have the following assignment.

    Output 1 = Tally ID 1
    Output 2 = Tally ID 2
    Output 3 = Tally ID 3

It's possible to connect single lights and daisy chain simultaneous, e.g. Output 1 = Tally 1, Output 2 = Tally 2 and Output 3 = Tally 3+4 in daisy chain (since it's output 3-4-1)


If preferable you can alter the assignments of Output/Tally ID. E.g.

  • Output 1 = Tally 5
  • Output 2 = Tally 6
  • Output 3 = Tally 7
  • Output 4 = Tally 8

In a daisy chain configuration this would result in

  • Output 1-2-3 = Tally 5-6-7
  • Output 2-3-4 = Tally 6-7-8
  • Output 3-4-1 = Tally 7-8-5
  • Etc.

Connection from Tally Box to Tally Lights

Please notice the connection from the Tally Box to the Tally Lights are not IP based. We just use a CAT cable to carry power and control signals (see the Installation and Operation manual for Pinout). You cannot use a network switch to send signals to the Tally Lights.