What to expect

RCP Pro allows RED KOMODO to integrate in traditional broadcast live production workflows. The RCP Pro form factor fits right into most control rooms and OB trucks. RCP Pro can control the parameters you know from the KOMODO's web interface, including color control parameters, white balance, shutter speed, audio settings etc. of this amazing camera.

If the lens connects electrically to the RED KOMODO camera, RCP Pro can control iris, zoom and focus directly via the camera. Other lenses will require parallel control via analog or serial signals and RCP Pro supports this seamlessly via Blue Pill Extension cables. Recording to local media can be toggled remotely from the RCP. Most workflows will prefer a single RCP per camera, but RCP Pro natively supports up to 8 cameras in the built-in camera selector. This integration is actively supported and suggested by RED.

Technical Notes

The camera can be accessed via Wifi or with cabled ethernet connectivity (optional RED accessory). SKAARHOJ always recommends cabled workflows. RCP Pro has a 1G Ethernet port with PoE enabled for a single cable connection. Alternatively to PoE, you can power RCP Pro with 12V DC. RCP Pro consumes up to 5W. See full product specs on our website.

Model Support:
RED KOMODO and RED V-RAPTOR (fully supported as well)

Configurations and Alternatives

“RED RCP2 Configuration - Pro Class” - Default profile
Any SKAARHOJ controller can control RED KOMODO and V-RAPTOR when combined with Blue Pill. These are particularly relevant:


SKAARHOJ's main stream RCP supports the same configuration via Blue Pill.

=> Check out the RCP v2

Color Fly Multicamera Control

Control multiple cameras directly with motorized faders

=> Check out the Color Fly

Color Fly Stereoscopic Control

Specialty configuration for control of 8 rigged pairs (16 cameras) of stereoscopic capture with RED Komodo.

Application Ideas
  • Place your RED KOMODO with lens on a RUSHWORKs PTX3 Pan-Tilt head to make it a complete PTZ camera controlled by SKAARHOJ.
  • Use a MultiDyne Silverback V fiber system with RED KOMODO, RCP Pro and a Fujinon Lens with RS-232 control.
  • V-RAPTOR & Komodo enabled for broadcast workflows
  • Shade RED Komodo in live productions
  • Start and Stop recording remotely
  • Multiple lens workflows
  • Multi camera control