Take the Blue Pill - See the future of production

Powerful hardware and software combined

Easy to use, powerful and modular describe SKAARHOJ’s new Blue Pill platform and Reactor software for media production control. Reactor is SKAARHOJ’s proprietary panel management application that enables you to connect with panels and devices, using preset or custom configurations. Control devices in the studio or on the other side of the globe. Long distance controllers and the web GUI talk to each other in real time to accommodate remote studios.

How Blue Pill helps you

Blue Pill Inside products update through the local devices IP address and any web browser. Users also have the benefit of using an updated web GUI. Previous generations of SKAARHOJ products used the UniSketch platform. While the interface was a great first step into broadcast control, the new user interface is simple to use for a one person production or a power user controlling multiple panels and controllers. Dive into why Blue Pill is the next choice for your production setup.

Blue Pill is easy to use. Be up and running in just a few minutes. Users can also configure detailed customization at any time. The only real limits are device memory and CPU power.

Blue Pill is powerful. Out of the box Blue Pill works with a multitude of supported devices. Whether you are connecting one device to your controller or a mega-setup with dozens of pieces of equipment, SKAARHOJ devices will work regardless of brand.

Thoughtful Danish design means our modular controllers click together thanks to magnets at the edge of the product. Your products will remain side-by-side and connected for the duration of the production. When production ends the controllers separate with ease.

Don’t be limited to one brand for production

Integrate with Sony, RED, Canon, Blackmagic Design, ARRI, vMix, NewTek, AJA, and a variety of additional brands. Live production cameras, video switchers, video routers, PTZ cameras and audio devices all work with SKAARHOJ controllers. If a product or software you use isn’t available yet, there is a good chance it’s in the pipeline. The only real limits are device memory and CPU power. There is a lot of headroom in Blue Pill - and ways to go beyond should it be necessary.