Upgrade With Blue Pill Inside Controllers

Power is now in the user’s hands to update products. Blue Pill is a new hardware device built with Reactor to store, enable, and disable devices locally. Reactor, our flagship panel management system, allows Blue Pill to connect with panels, device cores and preset configurations. The new web GUI allows users to connect any Blue Pill product via the device’s IP address and a web browser. Changes and configurations are completed via the local network. Skaarhoj devices no longer need to communicate with the server to receive software updates.

Products integrated with Blue Pill benefit from an updated user interface within the panel management software. Change button commands, view your panel status, change device names, and add devices to your network in the easy to use Reactor panel. The most popular products, from the Master Key One to PTZ Pro to Waveboard, can now arrive installed with the newest software available already installed inside.

Our legacy users can integrate with seamless modularity. Products operating in UniSketch can upgrade without buying a new controller. It is simple to add a Blue Pill inside product or an external Blue Pill to update your existing products. A separate Blue Pill device hooks into the PoE source, connects back to the router, and will connect from a router to legacy products.

Users of UniSketch products will be able to access the new features available without the need to replace products. Adding a Blue Pill to the device running UniSketch will make future integrations with NDI devices such as Tricaster, vMix, and cameras from Canon, RED, Panasonic, and other manufacturers possible. Owning a Blue Pill will not limit the panels and controllers you are able to use.