vMix and Air Fly: Easy Control

vMix is an extraordinary tool used on productions with just one camera or hundreds of devices. SKAARHOJ controllers work seamlessly to provide tactile control to vMix software. All your control can be done seamlessly with devices specially designed to be the bridge between multiple devices and controls. You can integrate vMix and devices with one SKAARHOJ controller.

Our controller connects directly to vMix with a PoE, meaning you don’t need to be on the internet to use them together. You’re also not limited to just connecting with vMix. In one application we connected to vMix and an AJA Kumo at the same time. The same can be said for many other controllers and vMix applications.

Air Fly Pro

Best part is there is no proxy needed between vMix and the controller. Thanks to Quick Class configuration you can connect to pre-configured software especially for your device. Ideally, you would plug in your controller to the devices you need. Then the configuration will be available within the setup so you don’t need to go through hours of setup to get your devices going. The goal of Reactor is to be powerful and modular, while also being easy to use.

As always, there is still the option to dive into even more custom controls, but it is not needed unless you decide.

See the comprehensive video of this effective solution on our YouTube.