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New technology! New Product!

Blue Pill is the pain killer that makes the world of integration simple again. As a new platform in SKAARHOJ's ecosystem it will boost your SKAARHOJ controllers with unparalleled modularity and capacity for device control. Extension cables will untangle connections. Software applications will add new features down the road.

Blue Pill also has device cores just like UniSketch OS does. But they are slightly differently designed and generally more powerful and entails more flexibility. The devices you can control with Blue Pill and UniSketch will have a large overlap.

Best of all - it’s based on known SKAARHOJ technologies like Raw Panel and therefore the software Reactor, which Blue Pill is running, is essentially the booster technology that gives your new and existing UniSketch based controllers new capabilities!

Blue Pill is a small box which will be available later in Q4. If you face an immediate project where such product could be the solution, please contact our sales team!


It will be easy to add to your SKAARHOJ controller.

Just plug in Blue Pill with PoE and you will immediately have access to our new software Blue Pill Reactor. This new technology will bring more power to your UniSketch OS controller.

Blue Pill Reactor - New software, new possibilities
Discover and control

Simply add panels and devices by automated network discovery to your project. No more post-it notes with IP addresses!

Add SKAARHOJ panels, your favourite cameras and switchers into your project with a single click and explore new ways of interacting with them.

Unite the panels!

Reactor allows your panels to ‘talk to each other’.

Menu controls on one panel, device settings on another? Easy!


Spread out the controls seamlessly as you see fit, give your panels new purpose and get (even more) creative with custom layouts!

Configuration is your playground!

Reactor brings a new way of configuring your panels. Multiple ways, to be precise! Whether it’s a single panel or your dream custom layout of multiple controllers. Simple configurations for volunteers or complex nested menus for hardcore professionals.

Premade configurations and swiftly assisted layouts or deep engine for tech wizards. And if you prefer a terminal over a graphical interface, code the configurations yourself! Reactor can do it all!

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In this webinar Kasper will reveal our new products. These will launch in Q4 the exact date TBA

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