You can't put a price on modularity

No one needs to tell you that technology is changing all the time. Once upon a time there was 8mm then there was 4k. It’s not always clear what will come next.

What is clear is SKAARHOJ’s ability to be a universal, highly configurable and easy to integrate controller for the broadcasting industry. We support over 120 brands of live production cameras, video switchers, video routers, PTZ cameras and audio devices. Really. We’re continuously working hard to make sure your production is as seamless and as modular as possible.

You can decide how large or small to make your production. Many SKAARHOJ controllers are able to click together with magnets on the side of each product. Decide if you want 1 or 10 controllers based on your production needs. It’s easy to adjust depending on the setup. You can even control your devices from across the globe. Whether you are in the next room or on the other side of the planet you can modify, add devices, or change any settings you want through the web GUI.

Blue Pill you can add device cores easily through the Reactor platform. Change your camera for a different production? Adding additional devices? No problem. You can easily switch between devices and add more in case your production grows.Change cameras but keep your device.

The best part is you are not tied to one brand. Blue Pill, SKAARHOJ’s new web GUI, integrates with Sony, RED, Canon, Blackmagic Design, ARRI, vMix, NewTek, AJA, and a variety of additional brands. There are currently 111 supported devices and we are working on more everyday. If a product or software you use isn’t available yet, there is a good chance it’s in the pipeline.

The only real limits are device memory, CPU power and what you can envision.