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The 2x8 GPIO Board have been phased out. Replacement product is the ETH-GPI Link

Broadcast I/O made to order

Connect and control anything from your tally lamps to a foot switch over ethernet. With this general purpose I/O Arduino shield you have 8 inputs and 8 outputs, all electrically separated with quality relays and optocouplers. The shield comes with software for Blackmagic Designs ATEM Switcher range, but you can upload your own firmware to the Arduino. After all, it's open hardware and open software.

The 2x8 GPIO shield for Arduino is capable of working as an ethernet enabled Tally interface. Out of the box it can connect to ATEM Switchers and provide tally information from their state. But you can change the firmware to anything you like and then it's just 8 channels I and 8 channels O. I/O.

A general purpose input/output (GPIO) board with 8+8 channels. The outpus are controlled with small-signal relays shorting to ground and the optically isolated inputs are activated by shorting to ground as well. When relays are activated an onboard LED is lit. The relay outpus are available on sturdy Phoenix connectors with screw terminals which host GND and External Power in addition to the output. The board has a DC plug for the external power supply.

  • 8 GPO and 8 GPI board
  • GPO implemented with relays shorting to GND
  • GPI implemented with optical isolators shorted to GND
  • Relay activation confirmed by on-board LED
  • DC plug (2.1x5.5) for Phoenix connectors
  • Relay outputs on sturdy Phoenix connectors including external power from DC plug and GND
  • DB25 connector configuration and electrical specs fully compatible with Blackmagic-Design GPI/Tally interface
  • Fits into an Arduino box modified with relevant cut-outs
  • Arduino shield, fits in standard Arduino enclosure
  • Compatible with Ethernet enabled Arduino Boards, except the Mega versions (not included)


More information on making the 2x8 GPIO board yourself can be obtained on the development wiki. You may prefer to buy the PCB from us, but it's a relatively easy task to solder the remaining components on the board if you are experienced with soldering - even though there are some SMD components.


In the package:

  • An Arduino shield as shown on the pictures (the female connectors, enclosure and the Arduino itself are not included. Buy the Arduino Ethernet kit if you need it as well.)

You must supply female Phoenix connectors for all slots on the board (8+1 in total) yourself. See development wiki for RS part numbers. If you also buy an Arduino Ethernet kit with enclosure we will cut of the end of the lid so it fits the DB-25 connector.

Before ordering, make sure to read about pricing, terms and conditions for open source software and hardware.

Price: 324$