SKAARHOJ releases 22 new or upgraded control products at NAB 2018

Copenhagen, Denmark, April 4th 2018 - SKAARHOJ today announced the full extend of their product range for 2018. The news not only includes a new product line-up, but also introduces completely new technology and approaches to tactile control, enhancing the company’s strive to put the best universal broadcast controllers in the hands of media professionals across the world.


“Last year at NAB was a turning point for us with modularity, widespread use of OLED legends and elastomer components on our controllers. But it pales in comparison with 2018. We have increased the density of buttons, knobs and displays with roughly 100% across all models. We introduce four-way buttons that hugely increase flexibility of a panel by implementing encoder action on buttons. RGB backlight is implemented everywhere to help create userfriendly color coded panels. Displays are bigger and use more pixels. Power over ethernet is standard on all products. Enclosures are redesigned and optimized. Many more device cores are developed since last year and in particular we are moving heavily into PTZ control with great success. And best of all: Prices stay the same or are lower,” says Kasper Skårhøj, president and chief designer of SKAARHOJ.

While there are lots of news to talk about, SKAARHOJ has also sharpened the company profile with a more clear presentation of the products for different use cases. And in fact, the 2018 product range has been reduced significantly in size compared to last year, which brings more overall clarity without sacrificing the extend of utility.


“We have revamped almost every existing product and created more consistency in design and function. We have created more distinct offerings for our main areas of PTZ control, camera shading, live switching, routing and utility. And we have also introduced entry-level models for some market segments like with the Air Fly controller for ATEM or vMix users at an exciting price of 1199€ (1399$),” says Kasper Skårhøj, and continues:  “People in a visually creative role need stand alone tactile controls to supplement touchscreens and computer UIs. They also need solutions to bridge ecosystems of various vendors. I think we are effectively the go-to company in the world who delivers universal, radically integrated and customizable standalone hardware controllers for the creative industry oriented towards the IP workflows of the future.”


View SKAARHOJS Product catalog for 2018 here. Products are available from May and June 2018.


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SKAARHOJ is a Danish designer and manufacturer of tactile universal broadcast controllers with a high focus on integrating control of multiple devices in a live production setup. They offer a wide range of form factors and sizes which all run on the same software platform, UniSketch OS. SKAARHOJ has developed an extensive library of device cores which are like “apps” the users can install on the controllers to enable communication with different devices. All controllers are delivered with out-of-the-box defaults but remain 100% configurable.

SKAARHOJ sells throughout the world via local sales channels or For more information, visit and subscribe to the YouTube channel ( for instant technology news.