Inline 10

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With Inline 10 you'll get the perfect modular controller to use alone or with our other small form factor controllers. The Inline 10 has a row of 6 awesome four-way buttons with RGB coloring, 4 encoder knobs, and 10 customizable graphical OLED displays for function legends.

Shipping Worldwide : Will be shipped as soon as possible
Precision Encoders

Precision encoders for adjusting settings or selecting graphics

Programmable four-way buttons with OLED legends

Programmable four-way buttons for superior flexibility

Bus row's

Versatile bus delegation row with display labels

BMD Cam Control via ATEM

Simple Blackmagic Design camera control via ATEM

BMD Cam Control via SDI

BMD Cam Control via SDI Simple Blackmagic Design camera control over SDI out (requires SDI option)

Roland VP-42H

Configuration for Roland VP-42H with 3 menu layers. The far right button acts as a menu selector (left/right). In Menu 1 the Scene can be selected. In Menu 2 Layer status can be controlled for Scenes, and in Menu 3 inputs can be assigned to Scenes + Layers. Control via Ethernet.

AJA x FS Config: Color Corrector Black, Gamma, Gain

Configuration using Device Core option to let a single Device Core connect to multiple Frame Syncs with various number of channels (FS2, FS4, HDR and FS1 X). Using Status action for channel select. See AJA FS HDR Device Core manual for additional information. Control via Ethernet

PTZOptics + BMD Cam Control via ATEM [Beta Config]

Configuration for PTZOptics and BMD Camera Control via ATEM. Configuration is for 3 x PTZOptics cameras and 5 x BMD Cameras. The menu button works with pages with left/right press. A press on the lower edge of the menu button toggles between PTZOptics control and BMD Camera control.

Raw Panel

In Raw Panel mode the controller will work as a TCP Client connecting to a server IP address on port 9923. The server receives simple action commands when buttons, encoders, faders etc are activated. In return the server sends button colors and display content. The API is documented as “UniSketch TCP Client” on our GitHub repository. In Raw Panel mode, all the logic is placed on the server, which is typically a custom written software application.


The SDI option adds a Blackmagic Arduino shield to the controller for reading and writing Camera Control Data

Inline 10  
Length: 130 mm Width: 94 mm
Height: 47 mm Total weights: 0,332 kg.


Inline 10 w/SDI Option  
Length: 130 mm Width: 109 mm
Height: 47 mm Total weights: 0.380 kg.


You can find our technical drawings on this site:

Shipping data (Box)
Inline 10      
Length: 320 mm Width: 145 mm
Height: 65 mm Total weights: 0.786 kg.


Inline 10 w/SDI Option      
Length:  320 mm Width:  145 mm
Height:  65 mm Total weights: 0.850 kg.
Power Consumption

Inline 10
2.76 Watt

Data Sheet

Check out our data sheet for hardware specs, and other technical information. 

Click here for download: Data Sheet

Devices the product connects with

Notably, but not limited to:

General Blackmagic cameras

For a comprehensive list of Unisketch supported devices and configurations click here.

EAN Code - Tariff Code & CoO

Inline 10
EAN Code: 5714074001447
US Tariff Code: 8471.80.10
Rest of the World Tariff Code: 8471.80.00
CoO: Denmark

Inline 10 w/SDI Option
EAN Code: 5714074001829
US Tariff Code: 8471.80.10
Rest of the World Tariff Code: 8471.80.00
CoO: Denmark

12V Power Supply

Manufacturer: PHIHONG

Model Name: PSA15R-120P

Output: 12V/1.25A

Cable Length: 1.5m

Adapter type: EU, GB, US, AU depending on shipping conutry

DC Output Connector: 5.5mm x 2.1mm x 10mm Center Positive

USB Programming Cable

Type: USB 2.0 A-Micro B

Length: 1m

Recommended cables (not in the box)

We will recommend using LAN Cat 6 S/FTP or better.