ATEM GPI & Tally Inteface Breakout Board

With sturdy connectors and screw terminals you can easily wire up your tally system to your ATEM infrastructure. Depending on your tally lamps specifications you can optionally connect a power supply an have power distributed to the 8 output connectors.

  • Designed for Blackmagic-Designs GPI/Tally box
  • Works perfect with the SKAARHOJ ETH-GPI Link
  • Sturdy Phoenix connectors for both inputs and outputs
  • DC plug (2.1x5.5, BMD compatible) for external power (routed to GPO connectors)
  • Test LED for GPO1 (jumper activated)
  • Test button for GPI1

The ATEM GPI & Tally Interface provides and easy interface for individual tally lamps to your ATEM infrastructure. The module is essentially a set of solid connector headers which makes it easy to plug in and out each tally lamp on the set. Use it for the ATEM GPI & Tally Interface or the SKAARHOJ ETH-GPI Link Series.

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€ 249

- for customers worldwide (except USA)  

$ 299

- for customers in USA


In the package:

  • A breakout board as shown on the pictures

You must supply female Phoenix connectors for all slots on the board (8+8 in total) yourself.

2 Way: RS number 189-6010 / Phoenix number 1757019
3 Way: RS number 189-6026 / Phoenix number 1757022

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