Master Key Series. Old-school luxury panels for live production studios

Master Key 36 is truly an exceptional control panel. It features a powerful blend of industry standard NKK buttons and SKAARHOJs innovative custom molded elastomer four-way buttons, along with an uncompromising use of OLED displays to create a 100% flexible, modular and universal switcher surface for high end studios.









  • Sculptured cap RGB broadcast buttons - NKK Japanese quality, best of the best 
  • Subdivided into easily color coded sections 
  • Large, crisp graphical OLED windows for labels and section titles 
  • Section titles in displays
  • Graphical mini legends for top buttons in displays
  • Ethernet with PoE (IEEE802.3af)
  • UniSketch OS







Master Key 36 works with a great variety of device cores and is a popular choice for:



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