Our graphical OLED displays support buttons, knobs and faders with dynamic labels. The combine large, bold labels with unprecedented levels of detail using titles, icons and scales to enrich the main content.

They automatically draw information from the connected devices or you can type in your own labels or upload graphics. Found everywhere in many sizes and dimensions on SKAARHOJ controllers.

One cable carries power and the signals for as many devices as you control. Your switcher, video router, recording deck, your cameras even. The future is IP, while legacy serial systems can typically be supported

by end-point converters which is often more convenient anyway. And Power over Ethernet (IEEE802.3af) unclutters your desk nicely.

RGB backlight and LED bars is not just impressive and soothing. It’s also super practical to color code sections based on their assigned functionality. This provides the operator with instinctive clues which can

be the critical difference between success and failure. Colors can be assigned manually and SKAARHOJ panels are dimmable.

UniSketch OS connects a button press with a command sent to any of the supported broadcast devices, simply speaking. You can typically operate 8 devices simultaneously and UniSketch binds it all

together into a seamless and user friendly experience. You won’t find a more impressive engine for integrated control in a standalone controller surface.

Custom molded tactile elastomer buttons, that detects whether a button is pressed on the left, right, lower or upper edge. This allows the button to adjust values up and down like an encoder when pressing

opposing edges. It could even work as a simple joystick. Or it can be just a button. Innovative, insanely flexible and perfect for a universal controller.

Our products are wrapped in strong custom made aluminum extrusions optimized for size, durability and ergonomics in a broadcast environment. Likewise, components such as our four-way buttons, zoom-rocker, focus and iris wheels etc are developed ground-up.

To make your experience even better, you will have a great variety of options with many of our products to suit your individual needs. Learn more about the options below and select your add-ons directly while purchasing.

Add best-in-class NKK buttons with sculptured caps to the lower bus row and ME section for old-school luxury

Add variations of general propose opto-isolated inputs and outputs. 2x8 In/Out, 16 In, 6 or 12 open collectors etc.

The SDI option adds a Blackmagic Arduino shield to the controller for reading and writing Camera Control Data

Upgrade to an industrial precision Hall effect joystick for increased ergonomic comfort and motion precision