Frequently Asked Questions & Frequently Answered Questions

Do I need the ATEM Software Control Panel running for using a SKAARHOJ device?

No. Our control panels are independent units and can connect directly to a ATEM Switcher.


Can I have both the Software Control Panel and a SKAARHOJ control panel connected to the same video switcher?

Yes. You connect via a standard ethernet switch or hub. The state of ATEM switcher is in sync with both the hardware panel and the software panel. Learn more. 


Where do i buy?

You buy directly at us, or via one of our resellers. Some products can be purchased directly via PayPal (see each individual product page). Others are ordered by writing an email to us. Learn more. 


Can I connect multiple SKAARHOJ control panels to the same ATEM switcher?

Yes. The different ATEM switchers varies in how many connections they accept. See this video to learn more, and read the wiki.


How many ATEM switchers can I connect to simultaneously from a single SKAARHOJ control panel?

For SKAARDUINO Due (+ UniSketch OS) based controllers you can connect up to 8 devices at the same time.


How many clients can be connected to a HyperDeck?

Only one.


Is it possible to gang record with the HyperDeck?

We have successfully gang-recorded 4 HyperDecks Studios at a time. They all started recording at the exact same frame. More info to come...


Do you have a CCU/RCP for Blackmagic Studio Cameras?

Yes. We have 4 models. The RCP, RCP Mini, ATEM CCU and ATEM CCU Lite.


Which ATEM Switchers are you compatible with?

Our controllers are compatible with all of Blackmagic Design ATEM switchers including their 4K switcher lineup.

Do you have 2 M/E control?



What else from BMD is possible to control via your hardware interface?

SmartScop Duo, HyperDeck, SmartView 4K, VideoHub Series, Studio Cameras, Micro Studio Cameras, Ursa Minis and more. See list at Device Cores.


Have you integrated control of other products?

Yes. Robotic cameras, audio processing units and a lot more. See list at Device Cores.


Wait... What? Open source hardware... Can I make my own controller based on your designs?

Yes you can, however it's provided "as-is" with no direct support to be expected at all and you need to follow the license rules.