SKAARHOJ Open Engineering

Much of the free stuff you find on this page is shared in the form of instructional video or files available for download from GitHub or this website. On GitHub SKAARHOJ Open Engineering you will find a lot of printed circuit board designs (PCBs) and Arduino-compatible libraries for free. In return, we only ask you to respect the license terms which on the most fundamental level says that you must credit us visibly when you use our free technologies. Money is not everything and while we can help you with open source hardware and software, maybe you can help us to become more known in the world. That should be a sweet deal for all. We have made a Q&A page about licensing which will help you to make us happy.


Some of SKAARHOJ designs are open source and you therefore have a license to create and modify our designs on your own! If you wish to do so, please visit the development wiki (not updated any more) together with our GitHub repository where you will find schematics, PCB designs, enclosure CAD drawings etc. All available info for assembly and testing is found there if it exists in explicit forms.

We do sell a number of components (such as PCBs) for DIY enthusiasts. This is found on the DIY product page.

ATEM Protocol Unleashed

We have worked hard to reverse engineer the network protocol used to control ATEM video switchers from Black Magic Design. We proudly share not only the information we have found but also Arduino-compatible C-libraries you can freely use under Open Source licenses (GPL). Find it here.


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Scripts for Front Panel Designer

A cornerstone technology for us is Schaeffer AGs online front panel production service. We use this company for production of front panel and enclosures for our products. To make flawless, custom enclosures every time we have developed a set of scripts that can generate various types of aluminium enclosures from their service. Not only are these scripts available for download, you can also watch Kasper guide you through every little aspect of the inner workings of these scripts. Please enjoy them, but at your own risk of course. See the enclosures...

Graphic Display Image Converter Tool

Turn bitmap graphics into monochrome images for your graphical displays. Compatible with Adafruits graphics library this tool generates the C-code for your Arduino Sketch directly from an uploaded bitmap image file. A number of SKAARHOJ PCBs has graphical displays or buttons (SmartSwitches) which can be programmed with graphics from this service too. Please enjoy this free service from SKAARHOJ K/S. Go Convert...



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EAGLE BOM and Soldering Guide

This online tool is a daily help for our production staff for prototype soldering and manual pick’n’place. It takes an EAGLE .brd file and gives a graphic interactive view along with the BOM list so you can quickly and safely place your components in an effective way. Please enjoy this free tool from SKAARHOJ K/S as you like.


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EAGLE to FrontDesign Kickoff

For those you design electronics and use Schaeffer Front Panel Designer for enclosures and front panels this tool may be interesting to kick off the placement of cutouts and holes from an EAGLE PCB. Uploading a .brd file, it will read the components and generate a bit of JavaScript that will put those features on a front panel for you. Go create cut outs...


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Export EAGLE PCB to ODB++

Exporting EAGLE PCB to OCB++ format for paste plotters and Pick'n'place machines.