Raw Panel

Raw Panel mode essentially is to let the server be a software application written to support the UniSketch TCP Client protocol and thus use a SKAARHOJ panel to simply send triggers such as keypresses, pulses and analog values over to the server which in turn maps them to actions in its domain. This has also historically been referred to as “dumb panel” since the panel does not know anything about the application it’s being used in.

Raw Panel: Our controllers are so clever that they can both integrate third party protocols like we have done with our various Device Cores  - but they can also act the opposite way around so they are essentially “dumb panels” that just send keystrokes, fader positions, encoder pulses and so forth to another device/system and in return takes values for key backlight color and display content (text or graphics). This mode is exceedingly popular with our various partners as it puts the power in their hands to design the interaction with the panel however they want.


For instructions about the API we refer to the UniSketch TCP Manual which we store on Git. Here you can also find some Python 3 scripts that will help you to get started quickly implementing support for SKAARHOJ panels in your software application.