Powerful Examples

The Arduino-ATEM marriage is generally a happy one and the offspring is undeniably powerful examples of the power-to-the-people inherent in open source software and hardware. Take a walk on the truly creative side with these case stories and proof-of-concepts.

Monitor Pro - the leading magazine for picture, sound, light and technique in Denmark - had a great article in May (in danish) on how SKAARHOJ helped TV2 to remotely control a ATEM switcher in a Tesla used for live transmissions.

There is a SKAARHOJ C31 controller both in the studio and in the car which communicates with each other via TCP/Telnet.

Text and photo in the article by: Jens Walther

In this video we show the methodology for controlling a ATEM Switcher via a TCP connection. The Arduino used in the video is a Arduino Mega with a ethernet shield. It can be sourced many places. All files necessary to get started can be found at skaarhoj.com/support/manual/ It's also possible to use serial, e.g. RS232.

In this video we demonstrate how to control vMix from one of our E21-TVS controllers, but it could be done from almost any of our hardware panels. There are no middleman or additional software required for controlling vMix from a SKAARHOJ Control Surface. It is simply plug and play. Sending commands happens instantly, while there can be a delay in reflecting the state from vMix on the hardware panel (see video). We are working on integration vMix control in the UniSketch with improved communication response time.

Heidi Røneid from NRKs chess broadcasts with an Arduino Ethernet microprosessor. (Photo: Tore Zakariassen, NRK)

Read this exciting article from NRK explaining how they tackled the challenge to video mix graphics and the results of many ongoing chess games simultaneously for the Chess Olympiad 2014.

The article walks you through their considerations for making a system that allows video mixing and making graphics for many ongoing chess games simultaneously.

And yes you're right - it includes the ATEM Library developed by SKAARHOJ.

How can you combine video switching and camera ptz control for a smooth multicam production? A group of students from the technical university of Denmark set out to investigate this and asked us for help. We agreed and are really impressed with the outcome of their prototype. Read a short article for a bit more information on the collaboration. And have a look at the video for a presentation and demonstration of the prototype.

How many clients can you connect to a ATEM switcher? This is investigated in this video

  • ATEM Television Studio (5 clients)
  • ATEM 1 M/E (5 clients)
  • ATEM 4K 1 M/E (6 clients)
  • ATEM Production Studio 4K (5 clients)
  • ATEM 2 M/E (7 clients)
  • ATEM 4K 2 M/E (8 clients)

InAVate runs a story on an end-to-end self-service lecture capturing system powered by SKAARHOJ hardware and software designs integrating everything from BlackMagic Design gear, robotic cameras to WireCast and webservers. Read it and watch it.

Facts: Google ordered a number of C31 variants recently for their world wide video production efforts.

Feedback: This is what Google Producer Jamie Baughman has to say:

Google Developers Live has several studios deployed around the world.  Many of these studios are manned by a single producer making operating all the production positions a challenge.  The SKAARHOJ C31 provided us with a final piece to connect the dots in our studios.  We had tried a couple other solutions that were either buggy or not as well made.  This device hits both those notes perfectly.  I've used Grass Valley switchers in the past and the build quality on this product is on par with that.  Which was a happy surprise given the reasonable cost.

One other (extremely) important point is that the service and responsiveness has been timely and professional.  One of our studios required some small amount of support to get up and running which was arranged quickly and setup from there was a breeze.

We're proud. On our own behalf but also of the successful work of american SKAARHOJ reseller, Sandy Audio Visual.

The SKAARHOJ controllers are not limited to the BlackMagic Design protocol. This short video demonstrates a C31 connected to a Grass Valley Kayak HD Switcher at a danish television studio.

This video is a tour-de-force in what you can make an Arduino Ethernet do with an ATEM switcher if combined with a touch screen interface - in this case built into a modded SmartView Duo! You will see how elegant switching can be without physical buttons. You will see innovative ideas on how to browse input sources on preview and how you can use the DVE in an ATEM 1M/E to create a smooth hardware zoom in the live video image. This is a powerful proof of concept.

Use an ATEM TeleVision Studio as the heart of the HD-quality VJ station! This mock-up shows a vision, the beginning of a VJ console for the ATEM range. More is to come, we just started this... Check out the wiki development page or Contact Jens and Jacob from Science Friction for more information or if you want to help out.

GPI & Tally... is not just GPI & Tally. What if you want to know if you are on Preview as well. A little warning, yes? Or if you want your downstream keyer to be activated from a PIR detector or some other stupid actuator? All this is possible with a customized GPI & Tally interface box. This video shows just one example of such a thing built as an Arduino Shield.

What about this idea: Select your presets for robotic cameras by pointing on the area they should cover? That's cool. Check this example out of how this can be done.

Check out this unorthodox and inspiring idea about how to create a cool AV-control panel using an ATEM switcher for... graphics engine for touchscreen menus! Other hardware involved here is a Blackmagic Design Micro Videohub and Decimator MD-QUAD. Eventually it will also use RS-232 to control a projector. This is a plain mock-up, a prototype, proof-of-concept and certainly rough around the edges.

Down to the basics. See the C50 in action at the Technical University of Denmark. Switching. Just switching. With a little twist.

This is an event setup with three projectors, two in the sides and one in the middle with keying of lyrics over live video or graphics. The C50 was customized specifically for the event onsite: The bus selection buttons were mapped to correspond to a re-organized multiviewer layout; The 4 userbuttons were reprogrammed so that the DSK1 button did an auto-transition (dissolve) for keying on lyrics instead of a clean cut; another button toggled to a mode where the bus selection buttons selects directly to Program instead of Preview; another button changed AUX2 between Program and Camera 1. Finally, bus selection button 7 was used as a user button (since input 7 was empty and we were out of user buttons) to activate a macro of events showing a lower third name tag with an animated background: Upstream keyer 1 was used to key in a 175 frame clip from the clip store while upstream keyer 2 keyed in a transparent PNG with the name on top. The macro started the clip playback, faded in keyer 2 (the name), waited for 5 seconds and faded out keyer 2 again, and done.

This is a C50 module programmed with special functions for a customer. One central feature is a creep zoom - a slow zoom of a video source - implemented digitally with the DVE inside an ATEM 1M/E switcher. The function will activate the creep zoom for predefined sources only. Another feature is the Auto Pilot. This will automatically cut between a number of input sources with predefined time intervals between and some of them having creep zoom implemented in addition. See skaarhoj.com for more information and products using ethernet enabled Arduino boards to control ATEM switchers from Blackmagic Design.

If you have an Arduino/ATEM project with an interesting idea behind, you are welcome to mail us a short text and preferably a YouTube video code so we can list in on this page.