Customer Projects

Have a look at these custom(er) projects from SKAARHOJ and seek inspiration for your next project. The modular construction of SKAARHOJ designs makes it easy to implement new features and we're always up for a challenge.


The E201-L is no longer among our regular inventory. 

This custom E201-L2 has two different mode settings, the ability to store and recall presets and to send MIDI commands to a PreSonus Studio Live 16.0.2 digital mixer.

AUX Control made easy. Hold down "Sel AUX" to select which AUX channel you want to control. Input 1-10 + PGM select source for that particular AUX  channel. Sources for 1-10 + PGM can be selected in the web interface. 

Custom C201 with a 10 input preview and program bus all with the 17.4 mm large broadcast quality broadcast buttons.

Via the SmartSwitch Menu Function Selector the configuration for the 8 upper buttons can be selected. In this case it's for control of a HyperDeck and selection of still 1-8 and 9-16 to Media Player 1 & 2 respectively. By pressing "Program 8" the HyperDeck source is selected and playback will automatically start while all other audio sources are turned off. When a different channel is selected the audio settings will return to the previous state. By pressing "Preview 8" twice the HyperDeck will change slots. When the Function selector is set to "Media Player 1: Still 1-8" stills from the media bank can be selected and faded in by the "Media Player 1" button. This extends to selecting still 1-8 and still 9-16 for both Media Players. With the Picture-In-Picture SmartSwitch you can select position of the PIP before you fade it in with the PIP button. This feature can be integrated in the C201 Desktop Controller as well.

Custom E201-L with spacing between each of the 17.4 mm large broadcast quality buttons. This model is featured with an 8 source preview + program bus together with dedicated direct input selection for AUX1 with the upper 8 buttons.

The MACRO 1 + 2 lights up if there is macros available and will display when it runs, and when it's finished.

The menu let you select stills from Still Bank 1+2 as well as selecting transition style and transition time. Duration of FTB is also set in the menu, together with selecting inputs for all possible AUX channels available.

Switch auxiliary output source to the input source that corresponds with the selected PTZ camera via the SKAARHOJ ETH-GPI Link Each remote camera controller is configured to its own AUX on the ATEM Switcher. The system can be configured to control AUX on any ATEM switcher with auxiliary outputs. Instead of controlling AUX on a ATEM switcher, it could also be setting inputs/outputs on a BMD Videohub.

Be inspired and learn how you can work with us in customizing a controller, and hear about how we developed software for creating Virtual Studio with ATEM switchers. The presentation features how to store and recall settings from the internal memory of the controller.

E201-L model configured with Audio master control, preview transition option and selection of three different transition style options. 

  • Master volume control
  • Audio monitoring via the VU Meter
  • 2 user audio buttons
  • 8 channel preview + program bus
  • CUT, AUTO, FTB, USK and DSK 1+ 2
  • Complete with Arduino Mega inside

Custom C90 with control of ME1 and ME2 via the 6 channel preview + program bus. When you select AUX1-4 the preview bus (upper row) becomes a combined preview/program bus (similar to a regular C90), and you select source for the AUX via the program bus (lower row).


AUTO, DSK 1-2, CUT and FTB as user buttons.

Custom C90 for selecting between presenter computer sources in a conference scenario. Possible to toggle AFV on first 3 inputs with the ”SOUND” button.

Input 1-3 + Black

Media 1+2


DSK 1+2

SOUNDS (AFV on/off on first 3 sources)

Free buttons for future upgrade.

Have a look at this custom C201, with preview/program bus selection for 10 inputs, and 8 buttons for control of AUX channels, downstream keyers, media players and color generators.

All possible to configure in the web interface.

Custom C90, with 6 x SmartScope Control and 1-6 AUX control with 16 input selection. Input 1-10, Col 1-2, Black, Bars, Preview and Program.

On the backside a GPIO module is fitted, which can be controlled by a extensive web interface.

This customized C90 Controller enables control of 4 different SmartScope Duo 4Ks (a total of 8 monitors) and AUX control for a ATEM switcher. Selecting source for the AUX can be done via the buttons on the front panel or by the integrated GPIO module with the DB25 connector. Configuration of IP addresses for the ATEM switcher and the SmartScopes is done via the web interface.

This custom controller was created for a radio-station working with disabled and disadvantaged people, which required special attention to button layout and the programming. The video is a thorough walkthrough of the controllers functionality and the ideas behind the design. It is demonstrated how to make a poor man´s picture-in-picture and how easy fading in lower-thirds can be accomplished.

One of our italian customers wanted audio and switcher control in a desktop panel. We integrated our existing modules in our new E201 switcher series.

  • 6 audio knob input controls
  • Master volume control
  • Channel monitoring via the VU Meter Channel button
  • 2 user audio buttons (all on and mute all)
  • 6 channel preview + program bus
  • CUT, AUTO, KEY1 and MEDIA1 buttons. Easily configurable in the web-interface.
  • Complete with Arduino Mega inside

Presenting another custom project from SKAARHOJ with integrated robotic camera control and switcher control based on the E21-TVS design. This controller is designed with a number of robotic camera presets in a layout similar to a football field for easy control and operation. In this demonstration a Panasonic AW-HE120 Multi-Purpose camera is connected to the controller.

At ISE2014 the Future Store (one of our resellers) presented a E21-TVSL with integrated Softron Playout and video switching for the ATEM range. Watch Paul explain the system in this short video by rAVe [now]

This E21-SDC was developed upon a request to select between the 7 different scopes in the SmartScope Duo 4K model without the need of a laptop. It's intended for field use and runs on battery power (battery inside) but can run on a PSU as well. This particular unit is pre-programmed to control 3 different SmartScopes (Scope 1-3) and you toggle between the scopes for each monitor with the "Mon Up" and "Mon Down" buttons. You simply connect the SmartScope directly to the E21-SDC with a networking cable and you have control. The SmartScope Duo Control functionality can be enabled on any of the SKAARHOJ controllers (requires Arduino Mega) so you can control an ATEM switcher AND a SmartScope Duo within the same unit. See e.g. the E21-TVS model where you press "Scope Mode" and toggle between the scopes with the 1-6 buttons and press "Cut" for clean feed.

You have the full 8 input selection that corresponds to the layout of the multiviewer from the ATEM 1M/E - that makes it easy to select the right input. For this particular case the user buttons are assigned to Green Screen, Lower Third (with fade in/out), AUTO and FTB (Fade to Black), but it could be anything! 

The CUT button is placed alone so it's easy to find without looking at the controller.

If you are a fan of the T-bar it's easy to replace the slider.

To get full control of a videohub from BMD the GPIO Board is the perfect solution. For instance you can activate a pre-defined routing point by using any of the 8 Phoenix connectors. Programming of the unit is done in a simple web-browser interface - this require the power of the Arduino Mega together with the Arduino Ethernet shield

The module was developed together with

With a wrapped enclosure option the casing is a bit cheaper and it's perfect for mounting in tight spaces. 

If you are interested in any of the above listed solutions or if you have a new project for us - drop a email to info(at)