Case Study MITOMO STUDIO SHIBUYA upgrades their 8K Studio with AJA & SKAARHOJ

Mitomo is one of AJA official resellers in Japan, leading their business to markets in these fields: television broadcasting, news coverage, and photography, and provides broadcasting equipment and materials.

There are 6 editing rooms, supporting 4K/8K HDR, and 2 MA rooms in MITOMO STUDIO SHIBUYA.
The 8K editing room was just established. In the whole studio, they’re working on video productions from plan- ning to creating, for corporate promotions, live records/ events, documentary/news TV programs, and films.

Getting more requests for 8K contents, Mitomo needed to build an editing environment where they can handle 2K/4K/8K signal formats simultaneously and seamlessly. Mitomo examined flexible solutions for their 8K pre- view-editing room that could manage 2K/4K/8K signals seamlessly with simply switching and matrix operations for multiple sources.

SKAARHOJ Rack Fly Duo enables the colorists and edi- tors to control the signals of 12G-SDI routers I/O simply and remotely with using its handy buttons



Rack Fly Duo is used for the bundle operation of 2x KUMO 3232-12Gs as like a single router.
The LED buttons are divided into four sections, 6×6 top and bottom, with programing different LED color and con- trol setting.
The control settings for each are as follows:

- Displaying 8K contents from their editing system to preview monitors.
- Matrix operation for 4K/8K source and signal transmission.
- Routing new input source, added to KUMO, to the destinations.

Rack Fly Duo features were decisive factors to introduce the product into their 8K system, including four-way buttons, OLED displays, programmable LED bars, and PoE (Power over Ethernet) support allowing power-supply and signal control with a single Ethernet cable.

OLED clearly indicates the source and destinations and provides instant switching to preview contents or com- pare HDR with SDR.

The programmability, a major feature of SKAARHOJ prod- ucts, enabled to introduce new equipment and update their environment.

“We can change the setting of hardware, it’s very useful and meets the demands of our editors. We still use the combination of Rack Fly Duo and KUMO with customiz- ing the control setting flexibly,” said Susumu Yamazaki, Online Editor, MITOMO.

Mitomo studio