Understand Our Platforms

Blue Pill OS

Reactor is our panel management system on the Blue Pill Server and controllers with Blue Pill Inside. In Reactor, your panels and your device cores are fused together with unseen simplicity and flexibility at the same time. A decade of experience with UniSketch and broadcast control has driven us to design this new system for the future. Best of all - it’s based on known SKAARHOJ technologies like Raw Panel and therefore Reactor is essentially the booster technology that gives your new and existing UniSketch based controllers new capabilities! Reactor takes modularity to a completely new level. Think about it like this: Two or more SKAARHOJ controllers connected to Reactor will be seen as one single control interface and there is absolutely no limit to how you can distribute actions to your buttons, knobs, faders and joysticks across the controllers.

UniSketch OS

This legendary platform is used by more than 10.000 controllers worldwide. Choose between more than 100 device cores for big brands like Sony, Panasonic, BirdDog, Blackmagic Design and many more. UniSketch gives you complete control over what the buttons do, so you can gain direct control of the exact features you need.