Blue Pill Server

Available Product id: BluePill-v1
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Blue Pill Server enhances the UniSketch ecosystem by combining multiple controllers into a single seamless controller. For example, you can take a PTZ Pro and combine with a Frame Shot and have the Frame Shot show thumbnails for your preset recalls. The selected camera on the PTZ Pro will drive the preset selection on the Frame Shot because to Blue Pill they are essentially just one single panel.

Blue Pill Server talks to UniSketch panels via the Raw Panel device core on UniSketch. This device core has been around for a long time as a way for third party developers to interface with UniSketch controllers. With this road tested technology, Blue Pill Server simply takes control over the UniSketch panels and offers unprecedented possibilities that UniSketch could never do on its own. This includes:

• Virtually unlimited SKAARHOJ panels combined (seamless modularity)

• Virtually unlimited devices being integrated (cameras, switcher, routers, etc.)

• New integrations not available on UniSketch (like new camera releases from Canon, RED, Panasonic etc., just for a start)

• System provided features such as presets (macros / timelines), virtual triggers etc.

Shipping Worldwide : Will be shipped as soon as possible
The perfect wingman

Frame Shot is a perfect wing man to SKAARHOJs legendary PTZ controllers, other SKAARHOJ products receive a whole new potential by expanding existing products. You can extend your switcher operations with configurations such as these: Combine an Air Fly Pro with a XC7 joystick to add PTZ control to your switcher panel.

Extend your controller

Extend your Live Fly with XPoint 24 to have direct access to more switcher sources:

Full PTZ controller!

Combine Inline 22 and XC7 to have a full PTZ controller! Or Add XPoint 48 to Air Fly Pro to access more sources directly - like for the Live Fly example above. And of course you could add XC7 to this combo too if you wanted to. You can do this endlessly.

Get the most out of Mega Panel!

A really good example is the SKAARHOJ mega panel which consists of typically 8-10 individual controllers brought together by Blue Pill in this way:

OLED display

OLED display with color support allows you to display content on your BluePill. May it be parameters from your cameras and switchers or custom graphical content, Reactor will help you create your ideal visualization. Never lose your IP again!

We should add accelerometer description here:
In case your display is blank or sleepy, shake the BluePill to wake it up!


The LED light bar on the back of your BluePill can be configured to any color and intensity. You can also configure this feedback based on your device parameters or custom conditions. Perfect for that extra tally light!

POE PORT - Ethernet plug

BluePill, like the rest of our products, is powered over PoE. Single cable for data and power saves you from cable clutter.


[Data: in+out]
[Power: out]

BluePill features a USB 2.0 port. This can be used for any third party frame-grabber in conjunction with our Frame Link application to create visual thumbnails for your panel.

(You can also connect none ethernet devices here like a Kessler Slider.)

Micro USB

[Data: in+out]
[Power: in+out]

The Micro USB port on your BluePill is capable of powering your BluePill in situations where PoE is not accessible to you. It can also power external devices in cases where PoE is powering the BluePill. Additionally, it provides an option to program or reset the device through serial connection or read data from external devices.

Attach screw

BluePill is born with two ¼”-20 UNC standard screw holes for easy mounting anywhere in your setup.

Strips hanger

No screws? No problem! BluePill also comes with two slots for strips. 2.5 cm wide cutouts can be used to help you attach it anywhere! Strap it down, zip tie it, tape it, use cable binders, we won’t judge. Duct tape not included!

Reset and status LED

Reset (left) + Status (right)

These two holes are used for the reset button (left) and status LED (right).

Status LED will show you whether the BluePill is powered up, booting and running. It can also be used to identify your BluePill using its web interface.

Reset button has dual functionality. Firstly, when your BluePill is fully booted, you can hold the reset button down for 3 seconds which will automatically start a WiFi hotspot. You can then connect to this hotspot to get easy access to the BluePill Reactor interface or create your own wireless network. Secondly, in an unlikely case of system failure, holding the button while powering up the device will enable a recovery mode which allows you to reflash the OS on the device via serial.


Ethernet with PoE (IEEE802.3at)

Blue Pill  
Length: 81 mm Width: 50 mm
Height: 26,4 mm Total weights: 0. 124 kg.


You can find our technical drawings on this site:

EAN Code - Tariff Code & CoO

Blue Pill

EAN Code: 5714074002406

US Tariff Code: 8471.80.10

Rest of the World Tariff Code: 8471.80.00

CoO: Denmark

Mega Panel + Blue Pill | The most powerful flexible control panel for Broadcast!


In this webinar Silas and Kasper give you a good understanding of the Modules that make up the Mega Panel. We will show you all the options, and give you a first glimpse of the new configuration experience that you get with Blue Pill Reactor.