Rack Fusion Live

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Hello Robot! Rack Fusion Live adds PTZ control to your live switching surface in a phenomenally compact controller perfect for your fly-away kit. Fits perfectly in your rack. Sits perfectly on your table!

Enjoy quicker setup, new device cores, updated configurations and features with the new Blue Pill technology. See our new product here.

Please note that this product does not support ATEM Constellation HD series. To use this product with Constellation series add Blue Pill Server to the network or purchase Blue Pill Inside controller.

Shipping Worldwide : Will be shipped as soon as possible
Four-way bottoms

Four-way buttons with OLED legends


RGB multi-level metering LEDs

Backlit Encoders

High-quality backlit encoders with wide OLED displays

3-axis joystick
Bus rows

Custom molded 9-key bus row

Transition fader

Transition fader with RGB LED bar for transition position or VU metering

ME section

ME section with multi-level shift, and user keys

Multifunction keys

Multi-function keys for pre- sets and camera selection


Rack unit or desktop console in one


Ethernet with PoE (IEEE802.3af)

BMD ATEM Switching + NewTek NDI-HX PTZ1

ATEM + Newtek NDI-HX PTZ1 Configuration.

vMix + PTZOptics

vMix + PTZOptics PTx Configuration

NewTek TriCaster Mini + NewTek NDI-HX PTZ1 [Beta Config]

Newtek Tricaster Mini + NDI-HX PTZ1 Configuration.

NewTek TriCaster TC1 + NewTek NDI-HX PTZ1 [Beta Config]

Newtek Tricaster TC1 + NDI-HX PTZ1 Configuration.

ATEM Switching + PTZOptics + Panasonic PTZ [Beta Config]

Test configuration for multiple Device Cores. Issues present for section coloring for Section 1, Section 2, Section 3 and Section 5.

BMD ATEM Switching + Angekis Saber Plus U3D-12FHD6

ATEM + Angekis Saber Configuration

Livestream Studio + NewTek NDI-HX PTZ1

Configuration for Livestream Studio.

U1 acts as shift level control going up/down on right/left and home on a downwards press.

U2 acts as a menu selector going up/down on right/left and home on a downwards press.

The PTZ section mimics the behaviour for the PTZ Fly Configuration for the NewTek NDI-HX PTZ1.

Control via Ethernet.

vMix + Minrray

vMix + Minrray PTZ Configuration

ATEM Switching + PTZOptics PTx

ATEM + PTZOptics PTx Configuration

Skaarhoj Raw Panel

In Raw Panel mode the controller will work as a TCP Client connecting to a server IP address on port 9923.

The server receives simple action commands when buttons, encoders, faders etc are activated.

In return the server sends button colors and display content.

The API is documented as “UniSketch TCP Client” on our GitHub repository.

In Raw Panel mode, all the logic is placed on the server, which is typically a custom written software application.

LiveStreamStudio + Aida PTZ-X12IP
LiveStreamStudio + Aida PTZ-X12IP Configuration  


vMix + BirdDog P200

vMix + BirdDog P200 Configuration

Hall Effect Joystic

Upgrade to an industrial precision Hall effect joystick for increased ergonomic comfort and motion precision

Rack Fusion Live  
Length: 483 mm Width: 88 mm
Height: 46 mm Total weights: 0.992 kg.


Rack Fusion Live w/Hall Effect Joystick option  
Length: 483 mm Width: 88 mm
Height: 46 mm  


You can find our technical drawings on this site:

Shipping data (Box)
Rack Fusion Live  
Length: 500 mm Width: 160 mm
Height: 165 mm Total weights: 1.668 kg.


Rack Fusion Live w/Hall Effect Joystick option  
Length: 500 mm Width: 160 mm
Height: 165 mm Total weights: 1.128 kg.
Power Consumption

Rack Fusion Live

5.76 Watt

Data Sheet

Check out our data sheet for hardware specs, and other technical information. 

Click here for download: Data Sheet

Devices the product connects with

Notably, but not limited to:



Canon CR-N300 / 500

BirdDog P100 / P200

Panasonic AW-UE150

For a comprehensive list of Unisketch supported devices and configurations click here.

EAN Code - Tariff Code & CoO

Rack Fusion Live
EAN Code: 5714074001379
US Tariff Code: 8471.80.10
Rest of the World Tariff Code: 8471.80.00
CoO: Denmark

Rack Fusion Live w/Hall Effect Joystick option
EAN Code: 5714074001966
US Tariff Code: 8471.80.10
Rest of the World Tariff Code: 8471.80.00
CoO: Denmark


Perfect rack controller for live production and PTZ control

See how compact we can integrate control of an ATEM switcher, VISCA over IP PTZ camera and an AJA KUMO router with Rack Fusion Live from SKAARHOJ. Click “Show More” below for additional information.

Rack Fusion Live is a fusion between a live switching surface and a powerful PTZ controller built into a 2U rack unit form factor but so shallow that you can just as well enjoy it on your desk top. Two-in-one! We show you how this controller can work with an ATEM switcher and Lumens VC-A50P camera as well as a AJA KUMO video router. We also show the innovative dynamic labels for preset recall buttons which you will find nowhere else in the world than on SKAARHOJ units.

License Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)

Rack Fusion Live

In this video you will get an overview over what the Rack Fusion Live can do, and Kasper will show you 2 different use cases for it.

12 V Power Supply

Manufacturer: PHIHONG

Model Name: PSA15R-120P

Output: 12V/1.25A

Cable Length: 1.5m

Adapter type: EU, GB, US, AU depending on shipping conutry

DC Output Connector: 5.5mm x 2.1mm x 10mm Center Positive

USB Programming Cable

Type: USB 2.0 A-Micro B

Length: 1m

Recommended cables (not in the box)

We will recommend using LAN Cat 6 S/FTP or better.