ETH-SDI; Shade Blackmagic Design Studio Camera 4K Pro

The SKAARHOJ ETH-SDI Link, makes it possible to control and Color shade the "Studio Camera 4K Pro" and other cameras from Blackmagic. In this video we highlight the amazing functionality you get when using a SKAARHOJ RCP controller!

00:37 ETH SDI Link overview
3:04 SKAARHOJ RCP overview
3:35 RCP Menu overview
4:48 Controlling BlackMagic Design Studio Camera 4K Pro 
8:05 Color shading
10:12 Adjusting RCP joystick for camera lens control 
11:55 Control Multiple Cameras with One RCP
12:48 Build in ETH-SDI link in Products
13:29 Other Controllers work with ETH-SDI link
13:38 ColorFly
14:17 Alternative Firmwares

Look up the products Kasper mentions
RCP v2

RCPv2 - the world’s most flexible RCPv2. Fits into your existing bay or sits console style on a table top. Use this universal RCP regardless of which camera brand you shade! With the roller wheel or motorized fader option you have the perfect multi camera RCP. Dedicated to scalability and a positive, unified user experience.

Go check out our RCPv2 which comes in different options. 

=> RCPv2

Color Fly

Color Fly is your uncompromising multi camera RCP bringing you innovative iris control with motorized faders. You get the tactile position feedback of the classic iris joystick but can easily manage 4-8 or more cameras from the same compact panel.

Check out the Color FLy

=> Color Fly


Receives “UDP Camera Control” information over Ethernet and forwards it on the SDI out connector. A number of alternative firmwares exist for this device to address various use cases.

Have a look at our ETH-SDI Link

=> ETH-SDI Link


Kasper is shading Blackmagic Design's Design Studio Camera 4K Pro with our RCP v2 controller using an ETH-SDI Link. You can read more about the camera on Blackmagic's website and you can watch our video and learn how to get easy control over the shading of Blackmagic's camera.