Frequently asked questions

Here you will find all Technology Questions which are frequently asked.


What is NDI?
Network Device Interface (NDI) is a new protocol for sending video over IP. It has been developed by NewTek in 2015 and is shared by many manufacturers to enable video-compatible products to communicate, deliver, and receive high-definition video (1080i). NDI runs over Gigabit Ethernet, with TCP/UDP transport . SKAARHOJ products are compatible with many NDI devices such as Tricaster, vMix and cameras such as Newtek, Birddog, SONY...

What is Visca?
is a protocol to control PTZ Camera.This protocol has been designed by SONY and is shared by many manufacturers. It works on RS232 / RS422  serial communication.  SKAARHOJ devices are all compatible with VISCA . We control all the main functions included in the documented VISCA of the supported devices.

How does Visca over IP work?
VISCA over IP is the protocol to control a device using VISCA on a controller equipped with IP connection (LAN). The interface is RJ45. SKAARHOJ devices are all compatible with VISCA over IP. We control all the main functions included in the documented VISCA of the supported devices.

What is a M/E (mix Effect)?
A Mix Effect (M/E) consists of a crosspoint, a transition area with cuts and a true mix or wipe, a T-Bar, keyer, and special outputs. The actual switchers on the market offer from 1 M/E to 4 M/E. SKAARHOJ offer panel of multiple sizes and designs to operate the main switchers : Black Magic Design, Tricaster, Roland, Panasonic or software platform such as VMIX or LIVESTREAM STUDIO (Vimeo).

What does Cruise control for PTZ camera mean?
PTZ Cruise is a SKAARHOJ controller feature, that lets you continue a movement that you initiate. So you start a zoom in, then press the cruise control button, and then let go, and now your zoom continues. It will stop after a certain amount of time, or after it registers a defined input to stop.

What does PTZ Trace mean?
"PTZ Trace allows you to record a move with your PTZ camera, store it, and then replay it later.
This gives an operator the benefit of doing handsfree moves, while setting up the next shoot.
Very useful for the one man band. To learn how to do it you can check this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yQ2hS18zxo&ab_channel=SKAARHOJ "

What is a RCP?
RCP stands for Remote Control Panel . Such a controller is used for the shading , which consists in adjusting all camera parameters such as iris, colorimetry, pedestal..... Generally you should use a RCP from the camera manufacturer and 1 RCP per camera. SKAARHOJ introduces universal RCP that can be used regardless of which camera brand you shade. It brings additional features such as motorized fader (option) or encoder wheel, Four-way buttons with OLED legends for dynamic labeling and functionality, Super crisp window with large display tiles for settings and many others.

What is camera shading?
The camera shading  consists in making multiple cameras match by adjusting  parameters such as iris, pedestal, colorimetry … SKAARHOJ introduces 2 RCP devices, the RCPV2 and the COLORFLY (for multiple cameras)

How to shade multiple cameras?
To shade multiple cameras easily, SKAARHOJ has developed the COLORFLY, a universal RCP for multiple cameras bringing you innovative iris control with 4 motorized faders. You get the tactile position feedback of the classic iris joystick but can easily manage 4,8 or 12 cameras from the same compact panel.

What is remote production?
Let’s only bring your cameras at the place of the show(s) and install your control room in another location. The control of the cameras (including input switching, PTZ control, tally) is done through a VPN over a public internet by a remote switcher. Remote production, also called REMI or At Home production, requires multichannel encoding and decoding, a built in VPN, a stable bandwidth  to ensure a reliable connection without too critical latency issues. Remote production will help you work safely by sending a limited team on site!

What is a GPI?
GPI stands for General Purpose Interface (GPI) . It is a high/low voltage signalling protocol that allows a switcher to send or receive  simple commands to/from an external device. Skaarhoj introduces valuables devices such as SDI-GPI Link (this will for instance enable any video switcher with tally contact closure outputs to send essential tally information to your supported Blackmagic cameras such as URSA Mini (+Pro) or Studio Camera series).

How to control a PTZ Camera?
Controlling PTZ camera consists in Pan, tilt and rotate the handle to control your cameras. Skaarhoj introduces all form factor  PTZ controllers, from the smaller ones to large panels with  buttons and knobs for direct access to all settings and actions. SKAARHOJ makes the worlds most comprehensive universal VISCA controllers - thanks to UniSketch and our dedication to quality integration.

What is UniSketch?
UniSketch is our own developed OS. It is the core system running on all of our UniSketch compatible controllers. In short this means functionality is not limited to a specific controller - they can all do the same with the apparent limitation different hardware interface components provides.

 Why should I use SKAARHOJ?
"With a SKAARHOJ controller, you can control multiple equipment from multiple brands at the same time.
If you would like to go for a more flexible workflow; you can also change functions & program it easily with its operating system by drag and drop function selection.
You will have less cables, more space, less controllers, more flexibility, more freedom and less dependency.
SKAARHOJ's main Unique Selling Points:
- Graphical OLED displays to support buttons, knobs and faders with dynamic labels.
- UniSketch OS connects a button press with a command sent to any of the supported broadcast devices, simply speaking.
- Four-way buttons - custom molded tactile elastomer buttons, that detect whether a button is pressed on the left, right, lower or upper edge..
- RGB backlight and LED bars provide the operator with instinctive clues which can be the critical difference between success and failure.
- Renown Industrial Design - custom elastomers, aluminum extrusions and front panels creates unique, beautiful and strong controllers.
- 100% IP & PoE: One cable carries power and the signals for as many devices as you control."

Why use a universal controller?
SKAARHOJ panel are compatible with many brands of cameras, video mixers, router…  All SKAARHOJ devices work on a common OS called UniSketch that connects a button press with a command sent to any of the supported broadcast devices. So you can design your solution using the devices from multiple brands, and SKAARHOJ panel will bring you the possibility to have all these equipments work together and controlled by one single panel.

How does tally work?
The SKAARHOJ Tally System is a great add-on for your live video-production. The tally light have two LEDs - one facing the camera operator and the big one facing the presenter. The operator LED have both program and preview tally while the presenter LED is just for program. The two switches on the tally light enables the operator to turn on/off the main LED and to dim the operator LED. The Tally Box System handles up to 8 tally lights, connecting either directly via the box, or by daisy chain running from tally light to tally light. Tally can also work during a remote production scheme.

What is the benefit of a TCP Interface?
Blackmagic Design ATEM switcher has no TCP interface for easy integration with AV-systems, so SKAARHOJ has created this tool, the ATEM-TCP Link, which provides just that: A simple TCP interface to almost any feature in the switcher. It will report state changes of the switcher and accept and forward commands to the switcher. Exactly what you need for AV projects with various AV systems like Crestron, Extron and so forth.

Where to buy SKAAARHOJ products?
You can purchase directly on this website or you can contact a SKAARHOJ reseller in your country.
For more information about our reseller network, please contact us: sales@skaarhoj.com

How to become a reseller?
You already resell Broadcast and AV products ? You want to resell SKAARHOJ's devices as well?
Feel free to contact us: sales@skaarhoj.com

How to get a demo?
Please contact us directly, we can send you a demo unit: info@skaarhoj.com