Mega Panel 1M/E - vMix

What to expect

vMix is such a surprising package that works from just a laptop to huge productions with hundreds of inputs. For professional broadcast applications of vMix, SKAARHOJ is proud to offer the Mega Panel modules to deliver a premium control experience. The Mega Panel has clear OLED displays and Japanese NKK broadcast style buttons. The T-Bar is a SKAARHOJ custom premium component with LED ring for color coded identification.
The SKAARHOJ mega panel is modular - you add or remove sections depending on your production. MK48 is the crosspoint surface serving the input delegation while MKT1A (or B) is the transition block with keys for menu, keyers, transition selection etc.
Reactor - the panel software - makes it super easy to arrange the order of your switcher inputs to the buttons.

Modularity of the Mega Panel

The SKAARHOJ Blue Pill platform is essential for the Mega Panel. Blue Pill hosts the panel management software Reactor which is designed to integrate multiple control panels to one single, seamless interface. You basically add panels, select a configuration on them and you are set.

Blue Pill Stand-Alone vs Inside

Blue Pill exist in a stand-alone version, but many SKAARHOJ controllers exists with a Blue Pill Inside option. For Mega Panels we recommend to purchase the MKT1A or B modules with BPI so they can act as master panels for the MK48 modules. Generally, adding BPI options to panels won't be necessary but will typically provide a performance boost with more snappy panel responses.


The MKT1B is an alternative to the MKT1A and it is very suitable for live switching productions. The t-bar in the middle and with both four-way plus NKK buttons surrounded makes it the most suitable controller for a big production.

MKT1A or MKT1B can be used as modular component of the Mega Panel system or can work as standalone control surface.


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Air Fly Pro w. Blue Pill Inside

Air Fly Pro is the ultimate controller for the one man band setup; it combines PTZ and Live Switching in a beautiful way. The Hall Effect T-bar and the classic ME section will easily make you feel at home, and you can add even more luxuries with NKK buttons.

This product comes with Blue Pill Inside. Blue Pill Inside means that the hardware of a Blue Pill is moved into your controller instead of combining a stand-alone Blue Pill with a UniSketch panel. The net result is the same, but with some twists: The advantage of Blue Pill Inside is that at the same cost you have everything in one unit - but you can’t enjoy the features from UniSketch anymore.

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Blue Pill and Reactor

Blue Pill is a SKAARHOJ platform that boosts the capacity and capability of SKAARHOJ UniSketch controllers. Reactor is our flagship panel management application running on Blue Pill or Blue Pill Inside (BPI) powered controllers.

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