SKAARHOJ and Panasonic KAIROS Announce Integration

Introducing an all-in-one live production IT/IP platform that combines Panasonic KAIROS with Blue Pill Reactor software into one convenient package. The video processing software integrates with SKAARHOJ’s Master Key One and Waveboard controllers to bring low latency, live video from the camera to your screen.

SKAARHOJ controllers can be used with KAIROS to switch up to 10 layers in up to 20 scenes. Within those you can still use the feedback and customer naming available in KAIROS. Building scenes and layers in one interface has never been easier. Get complete customization for your production. Use unrestricted input, output, and operations capabilities for an efficient production.

One benefit of combining Reactor and KAIROS is being able to see changes made on the hardware or software. Updates are immediately displayed on both the controller and user interface. There is no need to train users on multiple systems making operations easier to train and start.

Program your buttons how you want to control your production. Available with an assortment of NKK and programmable, four way buttons to easily switch between camera views and presets. Easily see your display with backlit LEDs and large, crisp graphical OLED windows for labels and section titles.

By combining the universal tactile controls of Reactor with the innovative software of KAIROS, you can get everything you want for a live production in one convenient place.

See the detailed specs about this powerful combination here

See the tactile controller here

Watch the detailed integration here