Tally Light

Available Product id: TALLY-LIGHT-SOLO-V2
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The tally light have two LEDs - one facing the camera operator and the big one facing the presenter.

The operator LED have both program and preview tally while the presenter LED is just for program.

The two switches on the tally light enables the operator to turn on/off the main LED and to dim the operator LED.

Take a look at our Tally Box System which let you handle up to 8 tally lights.

Shipping Worldwide : Will be shipped as soon as possible
Cold shoe adapter

Strong and sturdy mountable cold shoe adapter in metal with locking washer.

Ready to take a beating for a life on the road.

Integrated switchers

Two switches are integrated on the Tally Light

On/off switch for main LED (red)

The main LED (red) provides a large, clear and bright light easy visible for the presenter to know which camera is on program.

The LED can be turned on/off with a switch on the tally light.

Dimmed on/off switch for operator LED (red + green)

The operator LED shines red when on program and green when on preview.

With the swich on the tally light the operator LED can be dimmed when used in very low light conditions to avoid blinding the camera operator.


Ethernet with PoE (IEEE802.3af)

Daisy chain up to 3 tally lights

In a daisy chain configuration this would result in

Output 1-2-3 = Tally 5-6-7
Output 2-3-4 = Tally 6-7-8
Output 3-4-1 = Tally 7-8-5
Read more about the configuration here

Tally Light  
Length: 55 mm Width: 44 mm
Height: 27 mm Total weights: 0.096 kg.
Shipping data (Box)
Tally Light  
Length: 95 mm Width: 60 mm
Height: 135 mm Total weights: 0.136 kg.
Power Consumption

Tally Light

0.36 Watt

EAN Code - Tariff Code & CoO

Tally Light

EAN Code: 5714074001645

US Tariff Code: 8471.80.10

Rest of the World Tariff Code: 8471.80.00

CoO: Denmark