Deprecated Firmware app

Deprecated Firmware Updater

Below are links to the deprecated Firmware Updater Application for macs. We advise to use the new and improved Firmware Application available above.

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Download & Install Firmware Updater v.2.4.5
(For Mac OS X Sierra or newer)


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Step 1
Download & Install Arduino IDE
Step 2
Download & Install Firmware Updater v.2.4.2
(For Windows 10)


  • Please read the instructions for using the Firmware Updater Application in the manual.
  • Remember to press "Save" on the config page and press "Check for updates" in the firmware application. Otherwise settings will not be downloaded to the controller.
  • The purpose of installing the Arduino IDE for PC is to get the USB driver needed for the Firmware Application to recognize the SKAARHOJ controller. If Multiple COM ports are available please see the section "Port selection on Windows" in our manual.
  • For uploading a new firmware/get access to the config page you need to connect your controller with the USB programming cable and have internet connection. A firmware file can be uploaded to the controller without internet connection if using the "Load Firmware from file" in the options tab.
  • Any local configurations on your controller will be overwritten when pressing "Check for updates". The configuration downloaded to the controller when using "Check for updates" is the one you are seeing when pressing "Online Configuration". If a local configuration have been made please ensure to sync this to the cores server via the "Sync to cores server" function in the local webinterface.
  • Firmwares generated on are unique and locked to the specific controller with a hardware ID. Do not attempt to upload a generated firmware file to another controller.