Device Cores

SKAARHOJ controllers already support many broadcast devices. Some are very mature and full featured, others still just basic, some are in beta versions and yet others are just planned at this stage. Here is an overview of the available device cores and their states. You add device cores to your controller on Also, please send us your suggestions for more!

Mature, Beta, Alpha and Planned?

Planned device cores

When device cores or actions are “planned” they are introduced on for inspiration of the global community of SKAARHOJ UniSketch users. In this phase everything is in a conceptual phase, in other words; nothing actually works yet. A device core will progress to alpha state when enough users or other business arguments promotes it on the development todo list and we begin to implement working features. When a device core is planned and you are interested in it, please tell us about it! We are most likely looking for users who can help us guide (and sometimes pay for) the development. We won’t implement something nobody will ever use.


Alpha device cores

In alpha mode a device core is partially implemented. Something will work and can be tested. It’s also likely that it will contain more bugs than a beta or mature device core. It’s very much work-in-progress. Therefore, we invite you to contact us if you are interested in an alpha-state device core. Like with planned device cores we need real world users to inform (and sometimes pay for) our development decisions.


Beta device cores

In beta mode a device core is fully implemented and working. However it’s not considered mature yet simply because of time and the likelyhood that some features are still lacking and needs to be fixed. 


Mature device cores

A device core is promoted to mature state when time and experience tells us that it has a history of functional coherence. It’s probably not perfect - nothing ever will be - but it’s considered stable.




Pro and Planned actions?

You’ll sometimes find that actions for any given device core is described as “(Pro)” or “(Planned)”. In both cases the feature won’t be working for you if you select it. In planned mode, an action is still just an idea and we put it out like this to gather feedback and gauge the interest from users until eventually we will/may implement it. A pro action on the other hand is not active simply because you don’t have a license for it (yet). So, by purchasing a license for the pro actions of a given device core you can enjoy this feature. A license is per-controller and when we install the license for your controller you won’t see the (Pro) tag anymore and the feature will work for you. Paying for Pro actions help us justify the development of exotic, rarely used or time consuming features.






AJA RovoCam

ARRI Amira




BMD CamCtrl

BMD HyperDeck

BMD Multiviewer

BMD SmartScope

BMD VideoHub



ED BrightEye NXT 450

ED BrightEye NXT 900

EMBER+ Provider

Epiphan Pearl

Generic VISCA

IO Industries Flare Cam



Lumens VC-A50P

NEC X651 UHD Monitor



Panasonic AW-HEx

PTZOptics PT20X


Ross Carbonite RT

Softron MReplay

Sony BRC-H900

Sony BRC-X1000/H800

Sony BRC-Z700

Sony DeckCtrl

Sony RCP

Sony SRG-300


TCP Server

Telestream Wirecast


Tricaster Mini


UniSketch TCP Client



On you can add device cores for your controller. In this case support for an AJA Kumo router, a Ross Carbonite Switcher (via RossTalk) and a Sony BRC-H900 robotic camera is already selected. In the "Add Device" dropdown more devices can be added and their development state is shown.