Device Cores

SKAARHOJ controllers already support many broadcast devices. Some are very mature and full featured, others still just basic, some are in beta versions and yet others are just planned at this stage. Here is an overview of the available device cores and their states. You add device cores to your controller on Also, please send us your suggestions for more!

Mature, Beta, Alpha and Planned?

Mature device cores

A device core is promoted to mature state when time and experience tells us that it has a history of functional coherence. It’s probably not perfect - nothing ever will be - but it’s considered stable.

Beta device cores

In beta mode a device core is fully implemented and working. However it’s not considered mature yet simply because of time and the likelyhood that some features are still lacking and needs to be fixed.

Alpha device cores

In alpha mode a device core is partially implemented. Something will work and can be tested. It’s also likely that it will contain more bugs than a beta or mature device core. It’s very much work-in-progress. Therefore, we invite you to contact us if you are interested in an alpha-state device core. Like with planned device cores we need real world users to inform (and sometimes pay for) our development decisions.

Planned device cores

When device cores or actions are “planned” they are introduced on for inspiration of the global community of SKAARHOJ UniSketch users. In this phase everything is in a conceptual phase, in other words; nothing actually works yet. A device core will progress to alpha state when enough users or other business arguments promotes it on the development todo list and we begin to implement working features. When a device core is planned and you are interested in it, please tell us about it! We are most likely looking for users who can help us guide (and sometimes pay for) the development. We won’t implement something nobody will ever use.




For Sonys Studio and Broadcast Cameras and their Camcorders control is possible two ways:

  • By using the ETH-LANC Link and control the camera via the LANC protocol (LANC Device Core)
  • By using Sonys CNA-1 Camera Control Network Adapter (Sony SSCP Device Core)

(Control only possible if camera support either LANC protocol or connection from the CNA-1)


We cannot control Sony Studio/Broadcast Cameras or Camcorders directly via IP.

For their PTZ series we have control of the models you will find listed in the below overview of our Device Cores.

Please notice if the Device Core list is not available below, you can access the Device Core overview by the following way:

On you can add Device Cores for your controller. In this case support for an AJA Kumo router, a Blackmagic SmartScope and a NewTek NDIHX PTZ1 robotic camera is already selected. In the "Add Device" dropdown more devices can be added and their development state is shown.