UniSketch OS releases

Release History
Release version
Release Date
Release Note

* Fix Bluepill mode potentially corrupting configs

Previous UniSketch OS Version
v2.5.21 Release Date 2022-11-15
v2.5.21 Release Date 2022-11-15
v2.5.20 Release Date 2022-11-08
v2.5.19 Release Date 2022-08-23
v2.5.18 Release Date 2022-06-17
v2.5.17 Release Date 2022-04-19
v2.5.16 Release Date 2022-02-24
v2.5.15 Release Date 2022-02-16
v2.5.14 Release Date 2021-10-21
v2.5.13 Release Date 2021-08-30
v2.5.12 Release Date 2021-06-23
v2.5.11 Release Date 2021-06-07
v2.5.10 Release Date 2021-05-17
v2.5.9 Release Date 2021-04-13
v2.5.8 Release Date 2021-02-15
v2.5.7 Release Date 2021-02-05
v2.5.6 Release Date 2021-01-12
v2.5.5 Release Date 2020-11-25
v2.5.4 Release Date 2020-10-28
v2.5.3 Release Date 2020-10-27
v2.5.2 Release Date 2020-10-13
v2.5.1 Release Date 2020-09-14
v2.5.0 Release Date 2020-08-25
v2.4.20 Release Date 2020-07-15
v2.4.19 Release Date 2020-07-09
Release version
Release Date
Release Note

* Fix compilation issues with combinations of ATEM devicecore

Release version
Release Date
Release Note
* Change MDNS name to show correct options
* Fix Storing ARRI Iris limits in some cases
* Improve runtime performance
Release version
Release Date
Release Note

* Add tally to Bolin and Bolin 4K
* Fix Arri SAT B Label
* Increasing Accuracy on Joysticks
* Fix PTZPro inactive sleep problem
* Improvements for RawPanel connectivity

Release version
Release Date
Release Note
  • Fix BluePill mode toggle on PTZProV2
  • Fix RawPanel Heartbeat in certain cases
  • Improve RawPanel Protocol
  • Fix ATEM sharpness control
  • Fix Tricaster shuttle and relative frame
Release version
Release Date
Release Note

* Fix Birddog p200 connection issues
* Fix RB gain on Panasonic HE130
* Fix Vaddio auto-focus and 30E SDI Iris
* Improve Behavior of MultiEdge Buttons
* Marshall CV620/CV730 Focus Fix

Release version
Release Date
Release Note

* Fix PTZPROV2 missing Button

Release version
Release Date
Release Note
  • Add Arri CAP LGG via CDL Feature
  • Add SonyRCP Record and Menu Control
  • Add new AVer device cores (PTC310 & PTC500)
  • Fix generic visca tilt speed limit
  • Fix legacy build issues
  • Fix speed limit in the Generic Visca core
Release version
Release Date
Release Note
  • Add RCPPro Config
  • Add VMIX 2.0 Option for adjusting proxy port
  • Fix Panasonic CX350 connection issue
  • Fix clicking Relays on Raw Panel disconnection with ETH GPI Boxes
  • Fix panel crash issue
  • LancLink Support for new firmware
Release version
Release Date
Release Note
  • Add ATEM Fairlight mode devicecore option
  • Add Dreamchip functions
  • Add ib mode system action
  • Add jvc studio tally action
  • Fix and improve gain mode for JVC cameras HC9xx and HC5xx. Deleted Lolux mode.
  • Arri CAP FineTuning
  • Fix AJA FS HDR status display
  • Fix Sony X1000 presetmode
Release version
Release Date
Release Note
  • Add AW-HE60 control
  • Add KayaIron implementation
  • Fix routing of MV to Aux output in ATEM core
  • Improve Zcam manual focus
  • Improve TC2 - fix output config and triggers
Release version
Release Date
Release Note
  • Add reboot command to serial monitor that does not change boot state
  • Add simple HTTP client devicecore
  • Fix of XC8S led color option
  • Improve CANON N500 functions
  • Improve Vmix 1.0 audio up down
  • Improve direct mode true encoders
  • Improve mDNS discoverability


Release version
Release Date
Release Note
  • Add Birddog P400 / P4K DeviceCore
  • ATEM: Add Multiview output to AUX
  • Add Multiview output to AUX
  • Add Panasonic iris option to ignore position updates from camera
  • Add SSCP AudioMic Gain
  • Add Tricaster TC2
  • Add device core for the Canon CR-N500
  • Fix SSCP Multiswitch feedback
  • Improve Dreamchip downscale, knee and wb preset action, also adds iris aperture
  • Improve Standard Logger
  • Improve VISCA: Add a DCO for enabling immediate PTZ control.
Release version
Release Date
Release Note
  • Add \"RGB\" option to XC8S controller
  • Add support of Everet EV-P220N camera
  • Fix a crash when connecting to a Panasonic KB-300 camera
Release version
Release Date
Release Note
  • Add Vmix 2.0 devicecore implementation
  • Fix AJA Cumo Take salvo 8 action
  • Fix Atem video mode action
Release version
Release Date
Release Note
  • Add support for the Panasonic UE-100
  • Fix BMD CamCtrl Detail action
  • Fix Canon RC-V100 assign button number
  • Fix Emotimo initialisation
  • Fix Extend focus range for Minrray PTZ
  • Fix OBS button colors, hold down and toggle modes
  • Fix displaying of IP setup system action
  • Improve PTZ Opt-over trace features
  • Improve ArriCAP IRIS handling
Release version
Release Date
Release Note
  • Add ArriCAP SUP6.1 additions
  • Add Color Gain to Panasonic P2 devices
  • Add experimental support for Panasonic AG-CX10
  • Fix Color Fly GPI option
  • Fix Panasonic record status for CX series
  • Fix VISCA: Emotimo compilation
  • Improve Set status LED to white for flashon and off
Release version
Release Date
Release Note
  • Add On, Off modes to OBS recording and streaming actions
  • Add camera group action to all Visca device cores
  • Add flashon and flashoff serial commands
  • Add new device core options to all Visca device cores
  • Add support for the generic Visca device core
  • Adds general improvements to the core of Unisketch
  • Fix OBS device core connection issues
  • Fix wrong IP address logged by UDP client
  • Fixes a problem where parameter control on motorised faders didn't work as expected, using Visca device cores
Release version
Release Date
Release Note
  • Add iris F display to ZCAM
  • Fix internal AJA KUMO error introduced in last release
  • Fix saving ATEM camera presets to bank 6
  • Improve UX of GV XIP-3901-UDC-IP Device Core
Release version
Release Date
Release Note
  • Add coarse/fine tuning icon to actions of AJA FS HDR
  • Add OBS device core
  • Fix ATEM aux numbering on constellation
  • Fix issue where presets wouldn't be saved using VISCA device cores
  • Improve network usage for Device Core AJA Kumo
Release version
Release Date
Release Note
  • Add Device Core Grass Valley XIP-3901-UDC-IP
  • Add modifiers for on/off on alternate displays system action
  • Add timeout device core option to BMD Cam Control
  • Fix OSC core in old build system
  • Fix a problem where controllers might loose control of PTZoptics cameras
  • Fix bugs in Victorem Gamma, Lut Black and Save actions
  • Fix missing feedback on PTZoptics zoom action
  • Fix problem where calling preset with multiple cameras selected only sent the command to first camera (Affects all VISCA camera DeviceCores)
  • Fix slow reaction times when controlling PTZ on Newtek, Lumens and Marshall CV cameras
  • Fix OSC fixing value string ids
  • Fix Dreamchip lens driver commands
Release version
Release Date
Release Note
  • Add Image Stabilisation, Slow Shutter and Night Mode to the JVC KY-P100 device core
  • Add Pan/Tilt Slow Mode actions (Sony SRG-300)
  • Add contrast and brightness actions to AIDA PTZ device cores
  • Add device core for SRG-X400
  • Add device core option for changing loose/strict connection mode on VISCA device cores
  • Add persistent PTZ traces for Panasonic and VISCA cameras
  • Add support for AIDA POV cameras
  • Add support for Bolin 4K cameras
  • Add support for DataVideo PTR-10 PT-head
  • Add support for Marshall CV350 camera
  • Add system actions Power, IR-receive, Display Info and Menu Display for (Sony SRG-300)
  • Adds Sony Network Rcp Implementation
  • Add new Device Core eMotimo Spectrum ST4
  • Fix "Cut" Action on VMix
  • Fix ATEM SuperSource Box actions
  • Fix White Dynamic Range and Digital Zoom on the JVC KY-PZ100 device core
  • Fix a problem that could cause controllers to stall when receiving error responses from VISCA devices
  • Fix a problem that made multiple DeviceCores connection over UDP using the same port unable to receive messages
  • Fix a problem where a VISCA "CommandNotExecutable" was treated as "SyntaxError"
  • Fix problem with connecting to AIDA PTZ cameras
  • Fix SKAAR-89 Remove unused GV Kaya files
  • Fix Zcam lens typo
  • Fix saving of checkboxes in new devicecore options
  • Improve OSC devicecore with new string options and displays
  • Improve Update Dreamchip lens driver commands to short form
Release version
Release Date
Release Note
  • Add a confirm mode for encoders on the 'Camera Group Select' action.
  • Add all available White Balance modes for Avionic
  • Add backlight compensation action for Avionic and Minrray
  • Add enabling of connection to VISCA cameras with non-supported inquiries
  • Add IRIS limit support for Lumens VCA61 and Newtek PTZ UHD NDI
  • Add memory parameters to the PTZ Cruise action delay option
  • Add memory params (A-D) to Panasonic PTZ's 'Camera Group Select' action.
  • Add new device core for Optover P-A cameras
  • Add new step size logic for Panasonic PTZ parameters
  • Add Parameter Inquiry filtering in Panasonic PTZ cameras
  • Add Preset Speed action for the PTZOptics device core
  • Add support for camera groups on Sony X1000
  • Add support for Crop actions in the Panasonic UE150.
  • Add support for pulses on System Action : Inactive
  • Add support for the PTZ Cruise feature to Panasonic PTZ cameras
  • Add the possibility to loop play a PTZ Trace recording (Panasonic PTZ and VISCA)
  • Add toggle/set feature to VISCA: Camera Select
  • Add Visibility Enhancement, Gamma Offset, Gamma Pattern, PT Slow Mode, PT Ramp Curve, Picture Profile, Gainpoint, Preset Mode actions on Sony X1000
  • Add ZCamE2 device core implementation
  • Fix AWB Mode inquiry value handling.
  • Fix Brightness, Hue, Saturation actions for Lumens VCA61A and Newtek PTZ UHD NDI device cores
  • Fix ColorFlyV2 extra components in local GUI
  • Fix changing of camera IP without restart on all VISCA device cores
  • Fix DRC / WDR on Avionic and Minrray
  • Fix format output UE70/HE40/HE42
  • Fix Iris Limit for Newtek PTZ UHD NDI
  • Fix LanC Iris Button and Speed Actions
  • Fix local config GUI for inline22V2
  • Fix local config GUI for PTZ Extreme V2
  • Fix Noise Reduction actions on Sony X1000
  • Fix order of Iris values on the Lumens VCA61P device core
  • Fix parameter inquiry filtering for Panasonic PTZ parameters
  • Fix shutter labels for Avionic and Minrray
  • Fix toggle/set feature for System: Memory Groups
  • Fix WB red and blue gain for Avionic and Minrray
  • Fix Wide Dynamic Range on Sony X1000
  • Improve remove unused files
  • Improve Update graphics files
Release version
Release Date
Release Note
  • Fix device core name - NewTek PTZ-UHD-NDI 
Release version
Release Date
Release Note
  • Add device core for NewTek PTZ-UHD-NDI