UniSketch OS

Think of SKAARHOJ broadcast controllers like modern computers; they come in form factors like desktop, notebook, tablet and yet they run the same operating system enabling individual use through installation of apps from online repositories. Likewise all variants of SKAARHOJ controllers run the UniSketch OS connected to a growing “app store” of broadcast device support.

UniSketch OS is the core system running on all of our UniSketch compatible controllers. In short this means functionality is not limited to a specific controller - they can all do the same with the apparent limitation different hardware interface components provides.

UniSketch OS goes hand in hand with our online repo, cores.skaarhoj.com. On this server we store UniSketch OS, the newest device cores and your unique controller configuration in a database. When you connect your controller to cores.skaarhoj.com, you receive a uniquely created firmware with exactly the features you asked for

Note: UniSketch V2.x needs the SKAARDUINO Due (our in-house developed microcontroller unit) platform to run.

UniSketch OS based controllers running the SKAARDUINO Due inside our products allows you to connect to a maximum number of 8 devices at the same time.