SKAARHOJ in a nutshell

SKAARHOJ controllers are designed to work with many different devices in video production. Control a wide variety of devices from video switchers, live production cameras, video routers, PTZ cameras, sound etc.  

You can control your devices locally or remotely, and you can fully customize each controller for your specific need.

SKAARHOJ controllers support different brands such as SONY, RED, Canon, Blackmagic Design, ARRI, vMix, NewTek and the list goes on. A future safe investment.

Check out some SKAARHOJ controllers
RCP v2

RCPv2 - the world’s most flexible RCPv2. Fits into your existing bay or sits console style on a table top. Use this universal RCP regardless of which camera brand you shade! With the roller wheel or motorized fader option you have the perfect multi camera RCP. Dedicated to scalability and a positive, unified user experience.

Go check out our RCPv2 which comes in different options. 

=> RCPv2


With dedicated buttons and knobs for all settings and actions, it's easy and quick to use.

You will enjoy all the same benefits as found on PTZ Fly, while having a larger hand rest and faster, direct access.

=> PTZ Pro


Pan, tilt and rotate the handle to control your cameras.

The superb OLED displays clearly show what camera settings you control and which preset you recall.

With UniSketch OS, everything is possible.

Customize it with a hall effect joystick or an SDI output for Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera control on a pan-tilt head.

=> PTZ Fly