Rack Fly Uno w/Blue Pill Inside

Expected delivery in less than 3 weeks Product id: RACK-FLY-UNO-V1B
Shipping Worldwide : 7 - 14 Days
Rack Fly Uno has 24 programmable four-way buttons all with RGB color and customizable OLED displays. 
Rack Fly Uno, Duo and Trio are raw muscle. All programmable four-way buttons. All RGB color coded. Far from all too much though - you deserve this for your uni- versal control needs whether it’s a video router, your VSM system or an AUX bus.
This product comes with Blue Pill Inside. Blue Pill Inside means that the hardware of a Blue Pill is moved into your controller instead of combining a stand-alone Blue Pill with a UniSketch panel. The net result is the same, but with some twists: The advantage of Blue Pill Inside is that at the same cost you have everything in one unit - but you can’t enjoy the features from UniSketch anymore.
Shipping Worldwide : 7 - 14 Days
Four-way buttons

Programmable four-way buttons with OLED legends (Rack Fly Uno has 24, Rack Fly Duo has 48)


24 RGB multilevel metering LEDs

Form factor

Compact form factor


Rack unit or desktop console in one


Ethernet with PoE (IEEE802.3at)

Rack Fly Uno w/Blue Pill Inside  
Length: 483 mm Width: 44 mm
Height: 40 mm Total weights: 0.482 kg.


You can find our technical drawings on this site:

Shipping data (Box)
Rack Fly Uno w/Blue Pill Inside  
Length: 500 mm Width: 110 mm
Height: 159 mm Total weights: 0.946 kg.
Power Consumption

Rack Fly Uno w/Blue Pill Inside

5.16 Watt

Data Sheet

Check out our data sheet for hardware specs, and other technical information. 

Click here for download: Data Sheet

Devices the product connects with

Notably, but not limited to:

BlackMagic Design VideoHub


Unity Intercom devices

For a comprehensive list of Blue Pill supported devices and configurations click here.

EAN Code - Tariff Code & CoO

Rack Fly Uno w/Blue Pill Inside

EAN Code: 5714074002901

US Tariff Code: 8471.80.10

Rest of the World Tariff Code: 8471.80.00

CoO: Denmark

12 V Power Supply

Manufacturer: PHIHONG

Model Name: PSA15R-120P

Output: 12V/1.25A

Cable Length: 1.5m

Adapter type: EU, GB, US, AU depending on shipping country

DC Output Connector: 5.5mm x 2.1mm x 10mm Center Positive

Recommended cables (not in the box)

We will recommend using LAN Cat 6 S/FTP or better and a USB 2.0 A-Micro B (if needed).