TCP control ATEM Switchers for Crestron, Extron and other AV systems

SKAARHOJ ATEM-TCP Link gives you TCP access to almost any ATEM switcher feature. Indispensable for systems integrators.

Blackmagic Design ATEM switcher has no TCP interface for easy integration with AV-systems, so SKAARHOJ has created this tool, the ATEM-TCP Link, which provides just that: A simple TCP interface to almost any feature in the switcher. It will report state changes of the switcher and accept and forward commands to the switcher. Exactly what you need for AV projects with various AV systems like Crestron, Extron and so forth. In this video you are instructed in how to get started with ATEM-TCP Link. It’s easy! Connect to the device via TCP, then change the desired command on the ATEM switcher and the ATEM-TCP Link will output in the terminal how the command looks that you can use to send the same command to the switcher. All of this and more is demonstrated in the video.

View and change IP settings from the Serial Monitor

The ATEM-TCP Link ships with the following IP settings

  • ATEM-TCP Link IP:
  • Subnet:
  • Gateway:
  • ATEM IP:

These settings can be confirmed and changed by the use of our Firmware Updater Application. The ATEM-TCP Link runs on SKAARDUINO AVR. Do not use any features from the Firmware Updater besides the Serial Monitor. Pressing "Check for updates" will render the firmware on the ATEM-TCP Link unusable.

Notice the Serial Monitor confirms when connection to the ATEM have been established.

Command for changing IP
Confirmation of change

Changing device IP address

In order to change the device IP address you type the following in the serial monitor


Command for changing ATEM IP
Confirmation of change

Changing ATEM IP address

In order to change the ATEM IP address you type the following in the serial monitor


Changing Gateway and Subnet

The same procedure as above can be followed for changing Gateway and Subnet



Establish connection
Check connection

In order to establish a Telnet connection use the port 8899 and the IP address of the ATEM-TCP Link

telnet 8899


Check the connection by making a CUT or similar action on the ATEM in order to verify you receive state changes.

On the ATEM-TCP Link Auto negotiation is turned off and default interface is set to 100 mbit full duplex.

The correct syntax for a Cut on 1 M/E is:

  • performCutME:0=1

The correct syntax for a Cut on 2 M/E is:

  • performCutME:1=1

The correct syntax for a Auto Transition on 1 M/E is:

  • performAutoME:0=1

The correct syntax for a Auto Transition on 2 M/E is:

  • performAutoME:1=1

The correct syntax for starting macro playback is:

  • MacroAction:1=0

Where 1 in this case is macro number 2, as the numbering starts from 0. The number 0 is a parameter meaning ”Run Macro", where the following different parameters are available for this particular command.

If you wanted to stop macro playback, you would send 1 as the parameter, and hexadecimal 0xFFFF as the index, which is 65535 in decimal, so that the command would be

  • MacroAction:65535=1

The screenshot is taken from our general ATEM protocol documentation, which can be found on It should provide some hints with regard to parameter values and such.

If you want to set AUX1 to CAM4 use

  • AuxSourceInput:0=4

If you want to set PGM on ME1 to CAM3 use

  • ProgramInputVideoSource:0=3

ATEM-TCP Link Features

  • Small rugged form factor
  • Report state changes
  • Send commands to ATEM Switcher
  • Connect via TCP

Physical Specifications

  • Enclosure Size 9.2 x 5.7 x 2.6 cm
  • Weight 0.090 kg

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€ 429

- for customers worldwide (except USA)  

$ 499

- for customers in USA


  • ATEM-TCP Link
  • 12V power supply
  • USB programming cable
  • Networking cable

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