ETH-LANC Link - shade your LANC compatible cameras

Control your Sony cameras such as FS5, FS7 and other LANC compatible cameras (any camera the Sony RM-BP30 supports). Or use the ETH-LANC Link to control Canon cameras that speaks the RC-V100 Protocol such as the C Series, XF Series and ME Series.



Principal setup for the ETH-LANC Link - one camera.
Principal setup for the ETH-LANC Link - multiple cameras.

Page is under construction - no shipping configurations exists yet using the ETH-LANC Link.

Find more information about the ETH-LANC Link in the manual.

The device called ETH-SERIAL Link have been superseded by the ETH-LANC Link. The firmware for the ETH-LANC Link + the device Core Canon "CCU LANC" + "Canon RC-V100" are still in beta.






Please notice the product presented in these video was at the time called ETH-SERIAL Link. This have now been changed to ETH-LANC Link and the ETH-LANC Link does not have a serial interface.




  • 2.5 mm connector
  • LANC Protocol or Canon RC-V100 Protocol
  • Camera Selector
  • Ethernet with PoE (IEEE802.3af)




ETH-LANC Link works with two device cores:





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