vMix Bridge

Now you can get tactile control with industrial strength hardware controller for any vMix production. Select from any of our UniSketch based controllers to get fully programmable buttons for traditional operation or advanced automation. You simply configure the buttons to switch inputs, control downstream keyers, activate transition effects and more.

By having a dedicated production switcher interface you free up the computer keyboard for editing titles, handling instant replays and more in the vMix software. This is great for a more effective production or if you want multiple operators to work on different aspects of the production at the same time.

With the launch of UniSketch V2.1.5 SKAARHOJ controllers now support vMix. The implementation is still in beta, and we expect to further develop and expand functionality.

In order to control vMix you need to:

  • Have a UniSketch based controller with support for vMix
  • Run UniSketch V2.1.5 or higher - download firmware
  • Have the vMixBridge software installed on your PC (Updated May 2018)

The vMixBridge software is required at this stage in order to bridge communication between a SKAARHOJ unit and the vMix application. In time communication will be native supported by vMix.

Control of vMix have been tested on:

  • vMix Version (x64)
  • Windows 10


Please notice. vMix control is still in beta so we appreciate any feedback and suggestions you might have.

Excerpt of vMix actions from the manual

In the vMix Action List you can see a full list of actions currently implemented for vMix control. We need your help to expand this list with usefull features, so please contact us with thoughts and ideas.

In order for the vMixBridge application to work properly you need to make sure the application is granted access to either your Private Network or your Public Network dependent on which network the SKAARHOJ controller is connected to.

Active Networks
Windows Defender Firewall