Welcome to the SKAARHOJ support page. Here you will find the latest instruction manuals with all the information you need to get started.

We keep our manuals at the GitHub Repository: Manuals

If you are looking to access the Config Page of your UniSketch OS based device or want to alter settings such as IP address go to the: Firmware Updater Application but remember to read the "Installation and Operation Manual".

As our controllers are generic in what they can do we don´t have specific manuals for each product. We recommend starting with the "Installation and Operation Manual" and then the manuals for the relevant Device Cores. If you are utilizing Device Cores with PTZ Camera please also have a look in the "PTZ Manual".

UniSketch OS:

Non UniSketch Based Controllers:

For latest updates on Device Cores head over to the Device Core Page. We do our best to keep the manuals for the various action parameters updated, but you can always go to and modify a configuration to see the latest implementations.

If you are controlling a ATEM Switcher with a UniSketch based device we currently support ATEM Software Control 7.5.2. Please see the ATEM Device Core manual for the latest updates.

Note for SKAARHOJ controllers with Blackmagic 3G-SDI Arduino Shields and Studio Fiber Converter/Camera Fiber Converter:

We have tested Blackmagics fiber converter products in general to work with SDI output. This includes the Mini Converter, ATEM Camera Converter, ATEM Studio Converter and ATEM Talkback Converter 4K. The only product we know does not work is the Studio Fiber Converter/Camera Fiber Converter. This product is not compatible with their own 3G-SDI shield which is the component we use inside the RCPs and other products. While the Studio Fiber Converter/Camera Fiber Converter will forward shading data from an ATEM switcher it will not do so for the 3G-SDI shield.

Bottom line is this: We cannot change this situation, only Blackmagic Design can decide to upgrade either the Studio Fiber Converter/Camera Fiber Converter or the 3G-SDI Arduino Shield to make it work. At this point we can suggest that you rather connects a controller to an ATEM switcher which will work as the master for sending out the shading data. You might employ a cheap ATEM switcher for only this purpose.

Embedding CCU data on the the 3G-SDI return feed

For controllers with the SDI option, you find a 3G-SDI in and out BNC plug. Route the return feed to the camera through this connection to insert CCU data on the signal.

If you use the Blacmagic 3G-SDI Arduino Shield for camera control the following outputs are supported: 720p50, 720p59.94, 720p60, 1080i50, 1080i59.94, 1080i60, 1080p23.98, 1080p24, 1080p25, 1080p29.97, 1080p30, 1080p50, 1080p59.94 and 1080p60, but the camera doesn´t have to be running the same video format as the program input, so you can use cameras in Ultra HD while the camera protocol is sent over HD signal to the camera.

BMD Camera Support

SKAARHOJ units with the SDI option controls any Blackmagic camera that supports CCU over the return SDI feed. The CCU data is inserted on the SDI return feed.

Compatibility for CCU Control, Tally and Program Return Feed for the BMD 3G-SDI Arduino Shield

Training Videos

Learn all about the power of your SKAARHOJ controller, from the very basics to the guru stuff! Go to the SKAARHOJ YouTube Channel or see them here:

UniSketch Training Videos

At the "UniSketch Training Videos" Playlist on YouTube we will put training videos related to using and configuring SKAARHOJ UniSketch based controllers.

They are also embedded here below the introduction to SKAARHOJ products and UniSketch made by our manufacturers representative Eric Pratt.

System Actions

Untitled Document

System Actions - Shift Levels Part 1 (Basic Shift Levels)

System Actions - Shift Levels Part 2 (Multiple Shift Levels + Local Shift Register)

System Actions - States

System Actions - Setting Flags and Feedback Flags

System Actions - Memories Part 1 (Memory + Cycle Memory)

System Actions - Memories Part 2 (Memory Groups)

System Actions - Local Color

System Actions - Labels and Displays

System Actions - Case on States, Sections and local colors on an XC6-XC9

System Actions - Case on Shift Levels


Controller Management

Untitled Document

Controller Management - Upgrading Firmware

Controller Management - The Serial Monitor

Controller Management - Status LED and Configuration Mode

Controller Management - Effective Ways of Configuration

Controller Management - Config Mode for Debugging

Controller Management - Calibration

Controller Management - Actions and HWC Types



Contact Support

You are always welcome to contact us for support questions - write an email to support(at) and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Please state:

  • Which SKAARHOJ unit it is about
  • The serial number of your device if there is one (small silver label with 6 digits)
  • The nature of the problem
  • Which hardware device(s) you are controlling and their firmware version
  • If you have successfully installed the Firmware Updater Application and made contact with your device though the Serial Monitor (you need the USB programming cable)
  • Your operating system